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Stabbing yourself in the back. Seven

An article published anonymously on behalf of the original author.

Today (7th of March, 2016) at 8:25 bootleggers time, a rather peculiar event took place within the walls of the Winter Hell Gang. The crew boss, DustStormTC, shot and killed a fellow crew member, Aguilar (Don), with only 100 bullets, and killed him. Sounds hard to believe doesn't it?
Well, what makes this killing so interesting and amusing is the fact that DustStorm had no intention to kill Aguilar but was however automatically forced to do so when Aguilar tried to shoot him, his own crew boss and supposed “BL brother”, as DustStorm referred to Aguilar on his profile page until shortly after the shootout took place.

Apparently Aguilar, then a council member of the Winter Hell Gang, thought that in order to inside the crew he would only need to take out the layer above him, which is the boss (DustStorm), and not all the layers in the right order. When Aguilar finally pulled the trigger the (un)suspecting DustStorm received the following message:

Aguilar tried to shoot you but you saw them coming and killed them with 100 bullets!?

And roughly two hours afterward he received another one:

Acer tried to shoot you but you saw them coming and killed them with 100 bullets!?

So in less than three hours, two players, one a crew member and the other an outsider (member of The Jokers) had attempted to kill DustStorm and both had made the same fatal mistake: Trying to shoot a crew boss without working their way through the proper layers. Sounds hard to believe? Here's screenshot which DustStorm gladly provided for the Buzz when asked for it.

Shortly after the second killing DustStorm released the following statement in the game forum:
(sic)Since i start playing
i was loyal to friends , TC , CN , RM , NG

“I wokred hard to rank my gang into crew
and ive been doing everything they asked me to even i layered 3 people of there members .

When i ranked to crew they wanted me to give them the crew and go as normal member , and when i Said sorry this is my crew and i cant give it to anyone , even though his members was already layered in my crew .

So he sent 2 people to kill me , one of them was my council , but I shot them both with 100 bullets each .

The funniest thing is When my council tried to shot me he died with 2 kenos , and i picked them both.

What a shame , Thanks for betraying me .

An advice for all gangs and crews dont ever trust them .”

Another episode of the ever unfolding drama that is Bootleggers is complete. Can't wait to see the next one.

So the next time you're digging someone a grave. Make sure you don't fall into it first.