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Mass killings make for a weekend to remember BaronChris

Saturday saw a a large number of killings, which came from a number of protected, new accounts, among others, causing the surprise attack.

Twenty nine members of The State were murdered throughout Saturday, leaving the crew crippled both in man power and properties.

Many have suggested figures within The Company were responsible for the violence.

Shooters also assisted from another Axteze allied crew, The Boozerunners, although these were not actions of the crew, but of individuals.

Five turncoat Boozerunners attacked members of The State, as well as killing one other member of The Boozerunners.

It's is thought that The Boozerunners have escaped severe punishment for allowing this to happen, but have had restrictions placed upon them as things are being "tightened up".

The boss of Axteze, Talon (also known as Aldo), said: "We didn't see the attacks coming no, our enemies did a great job in convincing us they had quit for the round.

"My reaction was shock mostly, I was happy to see some action but I felt pretty bad for my high ranking friends.

"I'm not at liberty to talk about how we dealt with the boozerunners, but just so you know we believe the problem has been fixed.

"I don't blame any one for this, this wasn't a fault of our own, or axteze's, more great co-ordination and manipulation from our enemies, well played.

"Axteze will just continue doing what we are doing, fighting to protect our own. "

It is unknown as to why The State was targeted, but it is presumed it is another underground attack in the ongoing war between enemy alliances.

A source close to the State has disclosed that The State's Boss, Kanye, was percentage points away from himself dying.

Kanye, speaking to the Buzz, said: "My assumption is that The State was targeted for a combination of two reasons.

"The first being that we are a family which housed a lot of high ranks.

"Second, the spot was held by The Chirper, a competent Nation Don and polarizing figure.

"I feel regret for not being able to protect my crew mates.

"A lack of vigilance on my part caused the shooting to be more successful than it likely would have been otherwise.

"Right now The State is #Rebuilding, and we have received fantastic support from a number of people and crews in doing so."

It has been one of the most deadly weekends in recent weeks.

A forum thread titled, "RIP The State", gained 230 posts on it and has easily been the most discussed topic this week.

The thread saw many accusations and suggestions as to why the attacks happened- mainly linking to the alliance wars of this round.

Hints at a personal grudge between the heads of opposing alliances were also mentioned.

A number of reprisals occurred late Saturday and Sunday, killing most of the shooters involved.

It is unsure as to whether there will be further revenge killings, as many anti-Axteze players are underground.