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Buzz Joke Competition BaronChris

As recently mentioned in the forums, The Buzz will be hosting a completion in the next edition.

We want to hear the best BL themed jokes. We'll have different categories, best overall joke, most offensive (no racism please), most satirical, etc. More details in the next buzz edition.

The idea is to submit jokes that make light of people or situations in Bootleggers life.


For example:

"You know the game needs a reset when there's an echo in the online forum."

You can either send jokes to BaronChris or via the contest entry button on the buzz.

We're also looking for people to sponsor prizes- so far the prize pool is 700 GOLD! Message Baronchris if you or your crew would like to sponsor a future competition, or suggest one.

Each player can submit a maximum of three jokes, within one entry- second entries will not be counted.

Entries will be open until the end of the month- winners announced in the first edition of August.

Thank you to my friend, Breakdwnv2, for creating the excellent graphic for this competition. The categories and prize purses are stated below.

Best Joke
Prize Purse: 250 Gold Prize
Sponsored by Javajoe & Whiskey Rose

Best Joke Runner Up
Prize Purse: 150g
Sponsored by Nation Don, Vicegrip

Best "BSF and Mika walk into a bar" Joke
Prize Purse: 100g
Sponsored by Nation Don, Vicegrip

Best Satirical/Topical Joke
Prize Purse: 100 Gold
Sponsored by Rasketv2 & The New Age

Most Offensive Joke
Prize Purse: 100 Gold
Sponsored by Kanye & The State

Get writing and enjoy. Really looking forward to hearing them all. We'll post the best ones we see as well as the winners in the next edition.