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The Fagguard? Pendulum

On a pleasant Sunday the streets were quiet, and women were happily walking around doing their shopping when suddenly the streets were lit up with gunfire. At first there was so much confusion as people were running for their lives trying to hide behind any cover, people were seen to of even been jumping into people’s cars to try remain undetected.

Skaros Remnants ended up being the target of a vicious assault from The Vanguard. The Vanguard have stated that they were to remain neutral this round however they appear to have broken that silence. While the last few members of Skaros Remnants were being removed from the spot for it to drop, we managed to later catch up with some of the highers within The Vanguard in order to get some more insight as of why these events took place.

When we spoke to Scarcio he explained to us that the assault was motivated for actions caused from a previous round, round nine that is, where the Skaros boss had been insulting The Vanguard within the game to several players. The Vanguard had currently quit at the time, so they received this information with photographic proof. Since they were not around at the time, they had no way to react nor defend themselves. Now with The Vanguard returning they remained very quiet for them to rank up and gather up enough ammunition in order to take their revenge. The Vanguard used around 500,000 bullets in order to complete this wipe which they used between them in order to eliminate 15 members. The bullets were all bought from their own factory and various other factories, they admitted to using absolutely no gold during the assault. The assault on Skaros was reported as a one-time attack as a way of them making in clear that The Vanguard are not to be insulted and made a mockery of. After we asked The Vanguard why their name was changed to The Fagguard, this was one of the insults that was spread around about The Vanguard which is why they changed their name. To show that they still also remember some of the insults made towards them.

After trying to talk to the Skaros boss to try and gain some more insight on what their views was with the whole situation, we got no response. We are not entirely sure on why this is, but we noticed a lot of the Skaros members appeared to be backing up the claim that it never happened. Maybe it is down to the fact that there was a bit of shame that this came back to haunt them when it was all meant to be kept in the back room behind closed doors but admitting to this may have caused them to become weaker. Who knows though, maybe it is just they are trying to be more mature and just brush it off to move on?

After the bloodshed the remaining Skaros stood strong and spoke to The Vanguard where a peace treaty was created were both sides have stated that no more bullets shall go flying towards each other if no more insults continue, and no backfire happens. So now it seems we shall just have to wait and see, will this treaty remain, or will one side get cold fingers and pull the trigger once again?