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New York City Pendulum

The beautiful city of New York, the city of hopes and dreams for many people. However, recently the police have had more and more urgent calls to gun fire going off in the city and all over the abandoned factory in the centre. The factory is thought to be used as an illegal bullet factory but every time it has been raided by police, all they end up witnessing is victims of what appears to be a mass shootout. Police forensics have managed to confirm that the victims are known gang members from so far, three different gangs. Event Horizon, Death Valley and The Michaelsons.

Since the beginning of the round there has been blood shed on both sides for this bullet factory. It has been told that the grief between Event Horizon and Death Valley/The Michaelsons has been ongoing now, even from previous rounds. Once the kill feature opened Event Horizon found themselves trying to defend New York’s bullet factory which they owned. California’s bullet factory was owned by Death Valley at the beginning of the round also, however during the kill frenzy they lost their factory and Dog Pound managed to snap it up so quickly that the security there was too much to handle. When speaking with Scan (boss of Death Valley) we asked him why they did not continue to fight back for their original factory. The response we got was this, “Well EH is our main target…made sense gunnin for her crew and BF”. Our reporter asked what the background reasoning for them targeting Event Horizon was and we were informed in the interview that it was due to in previous rounds when there was an alliance in place that Event Horizon supposedly backstabbed Death Valley. Both proud bosses, they did not bother to speak of the reasoning why and just continued to play but only targeting each other. Since there was no discussions made between the bosses at the beginning of the round, Death Valley assumed that Event Horizon still was continuing war and took it upon themselves to act first before they found themselves being attacked.

Event Horizon had eventually lost their crew spot along with their bullet factory which Death Valley kept gaining control of with the help of The Michaelsons. Due to this Event Horizon was far from happy with this outcome and decided to act. Doing what Event Horizon does best they decided to get some underground members ranked high enough and armed well enough to strike back, one of these members being Dingo who was inside Order of Chivalry when shooting. We managed to speak to Dingo who informed us that a total of 9,400 gold was used in the shooting of 18 kills. Which converted was around 500,000 bullets used. It was arranged between all the Event Horizon members who agreed that once the gold limit was used then the shooting would stop. Our reporters also managed to speak to Betty who confirmed that they had a set gold limit on what they wanted to use. She also informed us that the plan was to shoot to weaken the spots and gain their bullet factory back whilst also trying to work together with some insiders, but the insiders were not the priority at the time. Thankfully they managed to shoot enough to make them very vulnerable but did not manage to complete the full wipe as Dingo ended up getting shot. They knew who the insiders were though as they did state that if one of the insiders got the spot, they would shoot around them. With the amount of damage that happened and then the spots getting insided and wiped, Event Horizon had another trick up their sleeve which was that they already had another spot hidden under a different name which they later exposed as another Event Horizon spot. Meanwhile Death Valley and The Michaelsons have currently lost their gangs which have been sold off to other crews.

With both sides shooting constantly in order to try gain control of the factory, we spoke to both sides and they have both said that the war has not affected them financially yet as they are so tightly formed that they are making more money and gold than the expenses of the war. However, this may change in time as the round progresses but for now it appears that the war shall continue. It looks like the residents of New York city shall just have to continue to go about their daily lives while keeping a bit of distance from themselves and the city centres factory. Only time can tell on who is going to give up first. Who do you think it shall be?