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The Buzzed (SATIRE): Round Six players, married in game, return to game to file for divorce. Riot

Round Six was a magical time for many Bootleggers players, especially xXBabyGurlXx and DeeboSlaughterHouse.

“We first met in an OC” Deebo recalled. “She needed a weapons expert and who better than I?”

Soon the two players began doing everything together. “We just clicked. It wasn’t long before we moved in together… we both moved into Gangsters Sanctuary. We were doing really well until an attack by The Supremacy. Luckily they only fired 68,000 bullets and not 74,000 or she would have been dead. I almost lost her, I was not going to make that mistake again”

“He asked me to marry him” BabyGurl chuckled. “I just said ‘Hey Whatever’”

“We had it all!” Deebo reminisced. “We were L.Dons, we had the exact same profile and shard a profile song ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ by Belinda Carlisle. That way people knew it was serious.

Unfortunately BabyGurl graduated from school and her life became very busy and Bootleggers was squeezed out of her daily routine. Deebo found himself unable to continue without the love of his life by his side and posted a few retirement threads before finally stopping in 2012.

BabyGurl has since taken a position with an international advertising agency and became engaged to her longtime boyfriend. Deebo, being the type of guy to get married in an online mafia game, is still living at home with his parents.

“I saw on Facebook that she had moved on. I knew that before she could truly give herself to another man, we had to finish what we started.” Deebo stated.

“He messaged me on Facebook and told me he was happy for my engagement but wanted to officially end things on Bootleggers… which was kind of weird because I never accepted his friend request all seven years ago, but I figured it would be fun to see how the game looked now. So I agreed.” Claimed BabyGurl.

“After we made the divorce official in the game, I asked her to join me in one last OC. To finish how it all began. We choose to do the one called Booze Run, because it was new and exciting…. She betrayed me and took all the money. It was her little way of letting me know she still cares..” Deboo said.