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Crew Power Rankings Riot

Event Horizon

At the Buzz, we like to award aggression. EH has been very active in participating in removing powerhouse crews TM and DV from the stats page. For this, we felt it was warranted that they earned the top spot.
Dog Pound

Not a lot of action from Dog Pound this week. We can only imagine they are speaking softly and carrying a big stick.
The Vanguard

You know you underestimated a crew when their rivals are calling you crazy for ranking them so low. Sorry guys! Better ranking this week. TV flexed their muscle this week removing Skaros from the stats page.

Ax is playing the role of boogeyman so far. Constant questions of what deaths are they behind and who are they working with.

Another crew who has not had too use too many resources thus far. Their strong friendship with Dog Pound and their own resourcefulness will keep them on the positive side of most skirmishes at this point in the game.
Fear the Wicked

Fear the Wicked seems to have bounced back nicely from their sucker punch. They find themselves nestled in to a Crew Spot.
The Royal Family

A quiet week for TRF
The Black Dragons

Black Dragons are trending in a positive direction after gaining one of the Crew spots.

The mutiny worked. Mutiny has fought their way back to a crew spot and things appear to be looking up for this phoenix.
Most Wanted

Perhaps more secretive than Axteze. We at least know Ax is around. Most Wanted is holding strong based on capability and that they are even scarier when they can see you but you can not see them.
The Mikaelsons

TM has had a rough start to this round. They still have the powerhouse core to turn things around though. Perhaps laying low and regrouping will prove to be a positive.
Death Valley

DV is a veteran crew and will most likely bounce back from this. It is clear though, that this round has started off less than ideal for them and TM
Arab Inc

These guys are back and it looks like they got money to burn as their players are very active in the casino owning game.

New to the Stats. It appears they have some damage dealers amongst their ranks
Sector Zero

Sector Zero is straight chillin at this point in the game.
The Chicago Outfit

Things have been quite quiet for Chicago Outfit. Perhaps that's the way they like it this early in the game.
Skaros Remnants

Skaros will look to rebound after getting removed from the sats page.
Dutch Inc

A welcome to the stats to Dutch inc. The long time crew has graced us with their presence again, finding them INSIDE a previously held crew spot.
Paw Patrol

Still a fun named crew but we are starting to wonder if there is more to this crew than meets the eye...
La Casa De Papel

La Casa De Papel is still hanging out. Not always a bad thing.
Order Of Chivalry

Their outspoken leader has bounced back after being assassinated. They are interesting if nothing else.
Gamblers Paradise

At time of writing, Gamblers Paradise owns a mere 3 casinos. Step it up Gents!