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You have been promoted to Moderator Trainee! Cheryl

This week we all witnessed the new Staff team of Round 9.75. An old trusted face (Sky) returned and two new fresh Moderator Trainees were added to the Staff team; FlameS and Riot. The Buzz reached out to the fresh additions of the staff team in order to better understand the new ‘Moderator Trainee’ position and of course to introduce our newest Staff members!

Approximately half a year ago (in the prior round of Bootleggers) we saw that all the Moderators left the Staff due differences in insight about the future of Bootleggers. KyleKroff stayed behind all alone and eventually created a topic on the Game Forum asking players to apply for a job as Staff. Several players applied, but nothing seemed to change. Until now, because at last Staff is now here in order to help players by answering their questions and by making sure all the players are following the Terms of Service and the rules of the game.

Two of the players who also applied are FlameS and Riot. They both applied half a year ago and this week KyleKroff decided to give them a position as ‘Moderator Trainee’. We asked both the new Moderator Trainees whether there is any difference between the ‘Moderator Trainee’-position and the ‘Moderator’-position. It turns out that they both do not know whether there are any differences, but according to Riot they have enough access to take care of the issues coming in Help Desk with more access than a Help Desk Operator.

So, who are these new Moderator Trainees? We asked them both to introduce themselves and this is what they had to say:

Sure thing, my name is Joe and I am from the UK. There is a town in Lincolnshire which Bootleggers did seem to spread quite well through, I grew up there, as did Sky; although we don't know each other personally. Tynos is one of my real life best friends and it was he who introduced me to the game sometime around 2004.

Back then was a bit of a whirlwind as the game was very busy, but my closest alliances in terms of friends and crews were; RTMFW, Acylo, Vaups and DamianBlackHeart and I spent many good years with them in crews like the Eternal Circle.

I always loved the Buzz and over the years have been a long time Buzz Writer and also Buzz Editor. I was also selected to become an HDO a few rounds ago and loved working in the forums and the Help Desk. I previously ran a crew called The Chain Gang which was dedicated to Busting, I met some great people there!

I was also absent from any significant playing of the game for around 2.5 Years due to some personal circumstances which mainly include health and work, but about a year ago I had the ability to come back and play properly and loved it! (With one small exception of getting shot because I wasn't in a crew and didn't know the more recent politics haha).

I got the feeling in my welcome post that maybe one or two people did not know who I was, so perhaps that is a good idea. As I mentioned, I have been here off and on from close to the beginning. I was originally a member of Organized Crime Syndicate led by Voodoodoll. I took some time off to travel a bit and returned around 2006 and joined The Supremacy (TS), under the name KarmaComesAround. I was frequently confused for the more popular Karma but alas, that was not me. During this time, TS was being run by BoBy and Aurora. The later let me hold the crew spot one day for a few minutes, so yes, I am a former boss of The Supremacy. After TS was retired I stopped playing competitively and came and went just to socialize with old friends and gambling a bit. In round 7 I returned and created a fun crew consisting of a bunch of washed up players like Voodoo, Andy, Rod and Slice (Just kidding guys <3 you) and some fresher talent like FlameS and Kauffman. After that ran its course I joined Event Horizon for the rest of the round. I took a little more time off to focus on finishing college (greatly delayed while I was in the Army) and came back last round and joined TM where I served loyally as a meat shield.

Furthermore, we at The Buzz noticed that several players went off topic in the ‘Welcome Riot’-topic and discussed possible past corrupted Moderators. Regardless of these accusations are true, we asked both Riot and FlameS about their opinion regarding possible corrupt Moderators in the past. FlameS replied us by saying that corruption is something that people tend to be predisposed to, and he started his role knowing about himself that he has no agenda other than to serve the community and that he knows he will always do what is right, even if no one is watching. Riot added that he never really paid too much attention to it while he was a player and he found it interesting to read.

So, curious as we are at the Buzz, we asked both FlameS and Riot whether they already banned someone in their first 24 hours as a Moderator Trainee. Both claimed they did not ban anyone yet and Riot honestly hopes he never has to. He added: ‘‘I do realize that I am eventually going to have to make decisions that will make some people upset, but my ultimate goal is to do whatever I can to make sure that the players who invest a lot of time, energy and sometimes even money, into this game are given the fairest chance to compete with their friends against their rivals’’.

Both Moderator Trainees wanted to add that they are thrilling to work with everybody and they wanted to thank everybody who has reached out to wish their the best of luck. FlameS added that he is very excited that the Bootleggers Buzz has officially returned and at some point he will step away and appoint a successor as Buzz Editor.

Finally, the Buzz congratulates Sky for becoming Developer once again and we truly hope we will strengthen the developers team by adding some nice features soon. Make sure you check out the Bootleggers Buzz of next week for an exclusive interview with Sky!