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EXCLUSIVE: Spring Break FlameS

Tampa Beach, Florida has long been seen as the spring break capital of United States.

This year is no different and the local freelance journalists in the area have told us here at the Buzz that alongside the locals, the students and the wider Floridian population descending on the town, a number of new activities have caught the attention of the Mafia community.

Wiseguys from as far as Illinois and California are expected in the area for a spring break full of booze, gambling and competitions.

KyleKroff of the Tampa Beach Spring Break Organisation Committee has revealed to us here at the Buzz a few of the major attractions that those visiting the area can enjoy throughout spring break;

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing at the Tiki Mask Booth

No Spring Break is complete without your very own mask design to parade around in during your vacation.

The designers of the best three masks have had a prize allowance allocated by the Spring Break committee, with the winner receiving an amazing 7,000 Gold!

The local business community have reacted angrily to the idea with local ice cream shop owners stating that putting masks on gangsters that are in the area is simply asking for trouble, gangsters in masks and high cash businesses simply do not mix.

Take a Refreshing Sip of a Wonderful Cocktail at The Boom Boom Bungalow Tiki Bar

Socialising and having a good time is what Spring Break is all about, the pop-up Tiki Bar has been erected in the centre of Miami, Florida for your enjoyment.

Gangsters can wind down by enjoying up to 6 luscious drinks per hour.

The Tiki Bar owner; Doc is offering special promotions to Mobsters who choose to drink their refreshments, with different perks depending on what you choose to drink.

They are offering special deals which will allow you to steal, travel, bust and make cash more quickly.

The Flash Sale in the Sunshine State

The millions of extra commercial activity in the area has resulted in a sale of Gold available to all throughout the Spring Break period, enjoy!

Feeling Lucky Punk?

Orlando is the home of thrills and for this event the Spring Break Committee has erected a Prize Wheel in the centre of the city, Gangsters are allowed to spin once an hour for free with a guaranteed prize of either cash or bullets.

The best prizes on the board being either 100,000 Bullets or $25,000,000.

Reset the timer on the wheel for 1 Gold (Increasing by 1 each time). Good luck to all that play and enjoy watching the highest earning spinners below the wheel update as the bigger prizes are won.

The Spring Break Community Challenges

The Spring Break Committee have also pledged that for all people taking part in the various competitions available during the event that rewards will be given to those who participate in a number of community challenges.

Crimes, busting and booze running will all be monitored, for the most determind of you that participate in all three challenges, special prizes will be awarded to you!