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POLL: Favourite Player of all time Breeze

Let me start off by thanking everyone that has taken part in the votes, it’s not the easiest of tasks to get round everyone and try make sure everyone is included. If you wish to take part in any future polls look out for my topic in the forum and drop me a BM everyone counts and matters.

Can I first apologise if any names/nicknames have doubled up its impossible for one person to know absolutely everyone’s personal name and their nickname I have done my utmost to count them as one person but there could be an error somewhere.

There is once again an obvious winner and a few runner ups but I want to make sure everyone who received a vote is mentioned and there were a lot of you so the 78 people who received a single vote each are as follows:

Dolphin, Himmel, Drivemaster, Dylan, Diesel, DavidPinilla, Audi, MisterLawrence, Maher, Abood, Gusto, Sharp, Jamollawop, Devilschild, Stow, Haplo, Lungsofsteel, Kraake, SanLaMuerte, Headless_Joe, Sushi, Falco, Moneyholder, Yaz, BuShBoY, Stella, ETS, Pendulum, Kauffman, Respawn, Eddy, Browneyes, Dabat, Yewzie, Wizardoffire, ItalianSnake, Boyka, PhriendlyPheif, VerybadSnaak, Soulmate, Baltimore, Issui, Tyran, Baba, Keiran, Mobmaster, Madabawi, Malganis, Grizz, MorethenSkill, TheUnknownGangster, Playe4, Caboose, Golder, Ebbie, Mobman, Sweetie, Jin, Keisha, Missfit, Whitepan, Bigmomma1, Wedds, Dizzie, Sabin, Neno, Boggy, Godfother, TheChicagoGodfather, VooDooDoll, Dion, Franny, Pjustice, Weezy, Spraygun, Shrmouta, Mizno and Slappy.

Congrats to you all for getting a mention someone out there considers you the best player of all time!

Now we move on to the players who received 2 votes each and there was a total of 13 of you here they are:

Straat, Nyxxie, AbuST, Dalton, Tynos, Kamikaze, Budgie, Dutchboss, Vibie, Rennic, Shyguy, Spine and Hawaii.

Well done to you all you each have two people out there that consider you there favourite I think there is some well-known names there.

Just 2 people received 3 votes each and they are:

HarHar and Aburagheb.

Well done guys on getting three people to agree you are there all-time favourite!

A total of 7 people received 4 votes each and have made 3rd place in our poll this week are as follows:

Scarcio, Breeze, Moxie, Goosy, Ben, Betty and Aldo.

Well done to you all, 4 people think you’re the best! Also a thank you to everyone who voted for me was not expecting to receive any so I am very flattered.

The following 3 players received an almighty 7 votes each and got 2nd place in our poll this week are:

Bonzo, DeadRabbits and MWO.

Congrats guys 7 people voted you there favourite player and I say to pick up that many votes its very well earnt.

Finally with a huge total of 9 votes for him and winning our poll this week is:


Sadly SilkyJohnson is no longer with us in life and will never know how much love there is still left for him here. Congrats Silky and may you always rest in peace.