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INTERVIEW: Behind the Name Breeze

Username - TheNewYorker
What’s your real name? - Ben
Where are you from? – England but am also Canadian
How long have you been playing? – Since December 2004
How did you hear about the game? – A friend introduced me into it from school. We shared an account together so I was like immediately introduced into some form of cheating
What made you pick your username? – The video I made mentions I was TheNewYorker in The Sacred Dick Fucking Empire so I thought it would be fitting to use it again whilst in TSE.
What’s the most ridiculous thing you have bought?- a Louis Vuitton jacket for £1800 that I didn’t wear because it didn’t match my yeezy boosts which also cost me £800 because they were so hard to get at the time.

Username - SlimCharles
What’s your real name? - Jonas
Where are you from? – Oslo, Norway
How long have you been playing? – Started in 04/05 and played to 07. Then I had a long break until this round
How did you hear about the game? – It just appeared one day at my school and then suddenly all the cool kids were playing. I naturally had to follow suit.
What made you pick your username? – It's from the tv-show The Wire. He's basically the pawn that made it across the board and became the queen.
Which is your favourite four legged creature and why? - It's gotta be the komodo dragon. The way it hunts is that it bites and then just waits until its slow working venom downs the animal. It can take on preys four times its size! Straight gangsta

Username - At the moment Iridal, commonly known as Scythe.
What’s your real name? - Lars
Where are you from? - The Netherlands
How long have you been playing? - I've played mostly around 2003/2008. Started at Yakuza and later joined vilSlum and became underboss of The Black Horde when vilS returned. After a good run with The Deadly Alliance as council and Boss I choose to go with Lexin in The Plague. Later on Dagorlad asked me to become underboss of The Imperium which later on transformed to Glory (combination of a few crews).
How did you hear about the game? - A guy at school played it, which triggered me to have a go at it. He was part of Angels of Death which had ties with TDA and eventually made me join there.
What made you pick your username? - Most of mine names are from the book: The Death Gate Cycle. Have a look at it and see which you know .
What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? - Kapsalon. Google it, it is a well-known recipe after a long night of bootleggers.