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OFF TOPIC FORUM: Three word story Forbidden

It’s been well known within the bootleggers forum that the best place to go for a riveting, high engaging story written by the community is the Three word story topic. This long standing topic has created a wide range of stories, and this week, I have decided to compile the story in a way that may make a little bit more sense – grammar. I myself, have added to his many a time, to see what wacky ideas people come up with next. You’ll be surprised how strange things get when you let go of the reins. Thanks, Summer for brining it back this week. Will it carry on? Or will a new one start in the weeks to come.

As of writing, the story goes:

A magnificent Llama spat at the crazy white sheep in wolves clothing because she felt when back play goes horribly wrong. Then suddenly a child of god hit me with his rhythm stick somewhere in my balls, it hurt. Send nudes please. Then suddenly a bob’s an wagene mowed the lawn with his junk, people were shocked. And then a massive ginger emerged out of my mum’s room and then suddenly oaks stops posting. Everyone decided all of a sudden, he is retarded, because he is fucked up son! In the past he was naked to our destiny, but more recently he went mad and contemplated love while he was prepared to do unscrupulous acts of genuine love, to anyone passing by the love shack for some nookie. But before, he had to put his tunes on so that he could get in bed with the beautiful red kangaroo, when Back play doesn’t mean anything. But still we are looking for something very special like ben, his very tiny zubi put my dick in o ear then smell my rose scented giraffe. Jews did 9/11. Boy, that escalated very fucking slowly. Now next I’ll climb to the top of a palm tree and pull down my jet pack handles without using that.

Hopefully, next week here will be more enries into this story, to figure out exactly what "that" is.