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CREWS: Behind the Crew; The Mikaelsons EyWiSh

A couple of rounds ago we did a Behind The Crew Name column where we would interview a crew from the stats to find out a bit more about them. This week I caught up with MrBlue and Mihawk to find out more about The Mikaelsons.

Let's jump straight in to it, where does the name The Mikaelsons come from?
So we were looking for a crew name back in 2017 and one of our friends said 'The Mikaelsons' but we didn't like it so we kept looking for something that explains our bond as Family as we have many Cousins and close friends so after discussions we choose 'The Mikaelsons' as it's a known name for a strong family from a series.

In issue 7 we heard about The Mikaelsons being one of the crews involved in the mass shooting of 239 accounts. It started with Event Horizon being attacked, what role did your crew play in this?
Axteze and Co have been our enemies from previous rounds the moment we allianced with The Vanguard, The Company and Death Valley alongside others Crews so we decided to shoot them as well from the beginning. We choose to shoot The Dog Pound and Ndrangheta due to their decision to break our none aggressive agreement with TM and DV by shooting DVs shooter and they sided with Axteze and Co so yeah, that's why we shot them, Neno didn't keep his word so we wiped him out with our Allies.

You mentioned Neno didn't keep his word. Can you explain?
Neno wasn't in any alliance and he didn't want to. We spoke with him to reach an agreement to not shoot each other and waste our resources on each other and an agreement took a place however Neno broke it.

What are your values as a crew? How do you run your crew?
Loyalty and having great players playing alongside you who make you bring out the best in you.

What is your proudest moment as a crew?
Nothing specific in mind at the minute but I'd say helping our friends and Allies to make good actions make me proud over all.

What other crew either on the stats or off, do you have respect for?
I like how well The Vanguard are organized and managed by good players, big respect to The Company lads as well as they are well organized as are TV, and finally I'd say Death Valley lads which we work the most with.

Thanks. And finally, do you have any advice to new crews which are thinking of making an appearance on the stats?
When you give your word, try to keep it. I don't think I have any other advice to new crews because I don't believe in new Crews in recent days. There isn't enough people to make new crews as everyone has a crew who they already belong to from years back.

Join us next week for another insight to another crew on the stats.