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INTERVIEW: Behind the Name! Breeze

Username – Ragner

What’s your real name? - My real name is Ahmad

Where are you from? – I am from Jordan

How long have you been playing? – I have started on 2003 or 2004 I can’t remember exactly, I quit around 2005 and returned 2017

How did you hear about the game? – I heard about the game from a friend

What made you pick your username? – My current username taken from Vikings series

What is the dumbest thing you have done? - The most stupid thing I have done was, I shot 119 bullets instead of 119,000 bullets and here is how the story started about 119 in our crew I am now known in our crew as Mr.119

Username - Spook3y

What’s your real name? – Ryan

Where are you from? – United Kingdom

How long have you been playing? – since around 04/05 but I originally used orbit

How did you hear about the game? – played another game with Afty and Sharp plus a few others like RedMoon

What made you pick your username? – I use it for everything, it came from my WoW username which at the time was Spokey as Spookey was taken until the guy messaged me to say he was name changing if I wanted it. From there I started using Spookey but most of the time I couldn't get it so that's where the 3 originates from as I never had an issue with getting Spook3y

What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it? Tell people my honest feelings about them, especially people I work with or clients because sometimes you just want to let lose on them but unfortunately have to be nice to them!

Username - BlackStreet

What’s your real name? - Ronan

Where are you from? – Eindhoven, The Netherlands

How long have you been playing? – I started playing around 14 years ago.

How did you hear about the game? – My classmate at the time was a active player who persuaded almost the entire class to start playing.

What made you pick your username? – I choose this username once to piss of my mate who was using BlackyStreet back in the day, it kinda stuck with me.

What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured? - During the last descent of winter sport i was trying to take a moment to enjoy the view one last time. When i went to sit down i broke my wrist trying to catch myself.