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INTERESTING: Blackjack Got Me Back In The Black! iCoastie

You’re up later than you should. It's 11:00 PM and you're thirsty, but you can't get up. You can't leave the computer yet, you're up 10 million on this Blackjack table and you're close to busting it. Alas, work is first thing in the morning, and you cannot afford to devote another hour to conservative bets to get to that 'oh so satisfying' bust! You've noticed that you haven't had a streak of losing more than 5 hands in a row so you up the ante to finish the job. Now, most blackjack players already know what is about to happen. Blackjack tends to lull you into a false sense of security. You tell yourself, "I've played this for years, the odds are in my favor". When in fact, that statement couldn't be further from the truth. You then have 7 lost hands in a row, so you bet everything, and you tell yourself "there is no way I lose 8 in a row" and then proceed to do so. Afterward aggravated and beside yourself, you're absolutely convinced that the tables are fixed or broken you log off disgusted with the game and disappointed in yourself.

This story illustrates the folly of most gamblers, and especially, with Blackjack players. The odds are always with the dealer and you are more statistically likely to have a negative streak. Which is why conservative bets made over time are always the route to pursue long term gains. Especially this round, where KyleKroff himself stated, "The previous version had some flaws in that regard (dealer standing when he should have hit, for instance) that were hurting the dealers win rate unfairly. These flaws getting fixed and the game now operating as it should essentially cause the dealers win rate to slightly go up as he shouldn't have been losing those games, to begin with." So prior experience with Blackjack tables is not a clear indication of future success.

He also touched on the percentage profits made by the dealers and that statistic directly correlated to the removal of crew take on casinos. According to Kyle, as of right now, "the Blackjack tables are earning roughly 3.04% return on the bets, which is in line with what should be expected." He then went on to say, "This also highlights why I had chosen to remove crew taxes and state taxes on the casino profits. Deducting a percentage point here and a couple of percentage points there could easily make it unprofitable." We have seen this throughout the years with the crew takes on casino profits, making it almost not worth it to be in certain crews with certain casinos.

Don't believe me? Or maybe you'd like to draw your own conclusions based on the raw data. Well, I got good news for you because we also got Kyle to pull the last 250,000 games and the results are pretty conclusive. $152,550,437,316 in bets and $4,638,297,062 of Owners profit. Showing that yes, believe it or not, the Blackjack tables aren't rigged. You just seemed to have a bit of bad luck.

With the takes removed and the increased in-game money due to rackets, the gambling segment of the game has never thrived more. I'm excited to see this new Blackjack in effect and others should as well. Just be patient, take your time with your bets, and know when to back out when you're still on top. Because sometimes, it may be worth it to stick it out another hour to bust that casino! But always remember, this is a game and you should always prioritize your real-life financial obligations first. Stay safe out there and gamble responsibly. Coastie OUUUTTT!!