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SPORTS: Tales from the Sports Book Riot

This is a new series that will come out after Sports Betting Events. We will share the interesting stories and statistics behind the Sports Gambling events.

The Super Bowl
The first Sports Book event of the round and it was a great time to make money and a bad time to watch football. The game ended up being a snoozer with the New England Patriots defeating the high powered offense of the LA Rams 13-3.

The gamblers had more luck than the fans did.

The two biggest bets of the evening came in for the winner New England. Those bets were worth $20 Million and $50 Million. A few smaller plays took place. The only person who had no worries of losing was the lucky person who bet a million dollars that the game would stay under 56 point. They could have played for three more hours and it still would have stayed under 56 points.
Overall, the house ended up down $40 Million on the Super Bowl.
Advantage: Players

The Quarterfinals of the FA cup
What an event this was. Most betters loved two teams. Manchester City and Manchester United. One man, we will call him ‘Gambler X’ REALLY loved Manchester City. He loved them so much that he risked $288 million to win $30 million. (Did I forget to set a bet limit… sorry Kyle.)
X was very excited about the game until about the 20th minute when Matt Grimes hits a penalty shot for Swansea to take a 1-0 lead. He was really sweating bullets when Bersant Celina curls a right-footed effort around Ederson and into the back of the net! The game went to half time 2-0 Swansea. This upset would wipe out all but one better and totally redeem us from that Super Bowl loss.
It was not meant to be though,
Aguero's initial shot is blocked but it comes back out to him, and the Argentinian finds Bernardo Silva, who arrows a sublime strike into the far corner with his left foot!
Okay. 2-1 in the 70th minute. Just hang on and do not do anything stupid ….
7 minutes later Carter-Vickers tussles with Sterling for the ball and down goes Sterling in the box. Aguero gets a penalty shot and he … hits it off the post! No Good! Until it bounces off the back of a diving Nordfeldt. Are you kidding me? 2-2

We were about to head to stoppage time when Bernardo Silva curls a left cross to Aguero who avoids the post this time and gets it into the net without the help of the Goalkeepers back. Better X can not believe it. He has just won $30 mill but most importantly avoided losing his $288 mill and the rest of the gamblers just need Manchester United to close out their parlays.
Manchester vs Wolves was a tight 0-0 game for most of the contest until the Wolves poured in a pair of goals just after the 70 minute mark. Manchester United finally got on the board 5 minutes into stoppage time but it was too little to late. The disappointing effort by man City cost betters a total of $12 million.

The only other game that was bet on was a small bet on Crystal Palace who looked possible of the upset until Andre Grey’s go ahead goal in the 79th minute.

Overall the House ended up down $18 million from this event and down $58 million overall.
Advantage: Players