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NEWS: What Happens On Spring Break Stays On Spring Break Aldo

From Saturday the 23rd of March until Sunday the 31st of March we were blessed with a brand new community event in the likes of which we have never seen before. For a week we were given a new state with all properties available, three community challenges, cheap booze, timer reducing drinks, an art competition, gold sales and a big old wheel that everyone liked to complain about. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Florida!

Looking back to St. Patrick’s Day we seen a new racket implemented to the game in homage of the Irish holiday for a short period of time. The community took kindly to this and it seems like this was just a teaser of much bigger things to come. When Saturday the 23rd of March did finally roll around, users were given the opportunity to get away from the nasty, gritty streets of states such as Illinois and new jersey to travel to lands that they had never seen before to experience the sunshine, the beach, half-naked girls and more importantly Don’s Famous boom boom bungalow SpeakEasy where the drinks were flowing six per hour. We at the Buzz wanted to give a special shout out to the top ten party goers and biggest drinkers of the event:

1. Bonnet - 740
2. dancing - 705
3. TukTup - 657
4. Furrow - 636
5. Elvis - 627
6. Axi - 622
7. Deadpool - 618
8. Rennic - 598
9. KavuV1 - 592
10. Ouray - 582

That’s a lot of drinks lads. Speaking of drinking a lot, let’s take a look at this graph showing the spring break drinks per hour:

Nice to see people pulled their weight towards the end of the third and arguably most challenging of the three community challenges! Speaking of Community Challenges we wanted to give some more shout outs to the top performers of each challenge.

Community Challenge one was named Rum Runner and was based around Bootlegging. You had to ship as much Rum out of Florida as possible. Our top three Rum Runners were:

1. DaBat 3,900
2. Ouray 3,770
3. Deathguise 3,360

The second community challenge named Light It Up was all about committing crimes in Florida. It really was that simple; commit as many crimes within the state of Florida as you can within the time limit. Our top three criminals for this challenge are as follows:

1. Apexi 1,132
2. TukTup 929
3. Ghada 744

Moving on to the final challenge titled Free as A bird, as many speculated this was all about busting. Poor Don managed to get himself locked up, so it came the community’s duty to get him out of there for all those fabulous drinks he had provided over the week-long event. Our top three busters were:

1. BSF2020 1,323
2. Kahlan 1,004
3. Viking 750

As you are probably already aware, the community absolutely aced each and every challenge presented to them. In return for those who had taken part and been successful in all three challenges, the victors were granted with a special treat which was an extra racket with a big payout of cash and bullets. Congratulations to everyone who took part!

There were some absolutely fantastic entries into the art competition, but only one stood out as the winner for the community. You know it, we all fell in love with it, I’m obviously talking about Tiki Groot. User Nef submitted his application followed by a video tutorial of how the masterpiece was created. The community fell in love with Tiki Groot and Nef picked up a great prize of 7,000 gold for his efforts. Not too shabby. There were a colossal 4,453 votes cast during the whole event.

Finally, we take a look at what was mostly dubbed as the “Rigged” Wheel. We were given a wheel of fortune to spin once an hour with prizes in both cash and bullets ranging from 100 bullets to 100,000 bullets and $50,000 to $25,000,000. However, most of us found out winning the top prizes seemed to be a lot harder than it seemed, constantly missing out on the jackpot marginally. However, what may surprise you is that influx of both cash and bullets that this wheel alone brought into the game during this event. Let’s take a look.

Cash: $3,570,225,000
Bullets: 18,291,150

Talk about inflation!

KyleKroff pulled off a fantastic and successful event as he continues to impress us with his positive attitude and great energy towards the game. He was even kind enough to leave a statement for the Buzz to share with you all. He told us,

“Thank you all again for making Spring Break such a fun time. Your survey feedback has been very helpful and appreciated. 60% of respondents said they thought the party was excellent and 97% said it was either good, very good, or excellent. It’s great to see the party was well liked!

A running theme with what players liked seemed to be the community aspect with everyone being brought together and facing new goals together with prizes. Community Challenges receiving a 4.56-star rating. Doc’s Bungalow received good feedback and had the highest rating with 4.67 stars. Critiques included how the art contest was set up and enforced as well as the accompanying prizes—Art Contest receiving the lowest rating of 2.47 stars. Receiving mixed feedback was the Prize Wheel coming in with a middle-ground 3.97-star rating.

This information will be used to improve upon the events for the future so thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback. Ultimately it was a great start to something new and I look forward to bringing you more!


After a fun-filled and entertaining week, it is with sadness and sorrow that we must return to our normal states, our normal timers, no more wheel and so forth. However, this event has spoken volumes about the future of Bootleggers. A lot of effort went into this and it asks questions about what is to come with other well-known public holidays. Will we have an Easter egg hunt? A winter wonderland? Maybe a pumpkin carving competition! I’m not entirely sure but what I am sure about is that I’m ecstatic about the effort being put into the game at the moment. Long may it continue.