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BUSTING RECORDS: Busting Here, Busting There, Busting Busting Everywhere..... FlameS

Some people play this game for fun, some people play seriously for wealth and some people play simply for the social side of things. There is one feature in the game however can happily provide all three of the things above to you all wrapped up in one of the games oldest features; jail and the ability to bust!

In a game where we are frequently seeing more and more social interaction happen away from the game itself and instead utilising more bespoke messaging solutions that we use in everyday life, busting seems to buck the trend. Conversations seems to still flow once one player has busted another and the civilised thank you via Bootmail takes place. It still seems to be the most common jumping off point for players to meet new people and start chatting to others.

I have even seen a little revival recently of “Busted by” pictures circulating, this gave me a great sense of nostalgia as these sorts of photo’s were hugely popular several rounds ago.

Busting can also be rather profitable! Players can offer a small one-time donation to be busted out but significant amounts of money change hands for large busting competitions in the forums. Several crews recently have sponsored large scale weekly parties with the top busters receiving tens of millions of Dollars for one competition!

To be competitive for the top spot in busting competitions you need two things; a desktop connection ( ) and some pretty incredible bust stats. So I thought we could take some time together and look back on some of those top busters from the last several years, feel free to drop a comment below if you remember any of these legends of the busting leaderboards;

Round 7

DevillSpawN 18450
C_Jacks00 14679
Octavio 12420
terrapin 12269
MrPatjuh 8960
AtreusII 8699
Spiros 7903
DonSnoerenIII 7555
craig_avfc89 7554
MaggiePeyton 7428

Round 8
Teiwaz 31544
Claartje 11159
Divinebuster 11080
Spartacus 9589
headlesjoe 9543
Friction 9336
Toska 9083
DarkHeartv1 8926
kahlimba 8510
FiveOh 798
Round 9

Grimes 10912
Klutch 8731
Wrongun 8558
WhiteSensation 7515
Shade 7333
Nazdarovye 7261
theGargoyle 7154
MyBrand 7098
Duckface 7004
Guardian 6652

Round 9.5

coldsteal 11744
Billy2102 10979
Perdition 10874
Jw1 9450
DonJuanv2 9021
JDub 8517
Fasaman 8468
Pickle 7706
FFS_WHY 7666
Morpheus 7348

This means that Teiwaz absolutely dwarfs the rest of the competition with a huge 31.5k busts back in Round 8. DevilSpawN comes an impressive second with 18.4k back in round 7.

I was actually inspired to do this article by watching Graham from the Vanguard on his journey to 20,000 busts, which actually would have put him in the All-time second place from all of BL history, so shout-out to you Graham and RIP.

Punkstah is way out ahead with over 11K busts, as it stands putting you in the top 5 of the all time busting leader board, congratulations.

So these legendary busters, the likes of TeiWaz and Graham, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to make the busting leader board, but it can have great gains too, it can lead to having a bigger circle of friends, better recognition and reputation and can lead to huge profits!

But all these things combined, it is also fun to bust people, some people have criticised how difficult busting can be when you first start the account, but I think it just makes it more satisfying when you finally get your first 6 bust streak or when you first completely clear a jail.

Rewarding, fun, sociable and profitable, that’s my perception of this feature that is so great that crews have even been created with their entire member list dedicated to it, so what do you guys think about busting?