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CREWS: Behind the Crew - 23rd Gunslingers Co EyWiSh

This week we caught up with iCoastie, boss of 23rd Gunslingers Co.

Hi iCoastie. Thanks for taking the time to give us this interview. How have you been? Have you enjoyed the Spring Break event?
I’ve been great! Love it, hope they do more like it

I agree. Its been fun. So, where did the crew name come from and when did you form?
Well, when I was in the Army I was in the 23rd Military Police Company. Our call sign was “Gunslingers” and the company motto was “Born for War” as the company was part of the 10th sustainment brigade and is only an active company during wartime conditions. So the company is literally “born for war”. 23rd on Bootleggers originated in 2009, and last time it was around was the last time I played around 2014ish.

Interesting to know. So, how is your crew run? What are your beliefs as a crew?
Well it’s a family type environment that we try to provide. I make it my mission to ensure that we all know each other on a personal basis. We believe that a brotherhood that is unbreakable is formed through the valor of battle. Just a little saying we have essentially that means that we play together, ride together, die together, and fight together. When something happens to one, it affects us all and that's the way it should be in my opinion. Nothing is too small of a matter to simply let go without repercussions.

So, who are your alias within the game and who do you consider your emermy?
We don’t have allies and we don’t have enemies at the moment. All the old beef we had died because how long it has been and we’re going out of our way to ensure we don’t have allies. Too much of the game was ruined by alliances in my opinion and there is too much riding on being responsible for others actions. The 23rd Gunslinger Co is concerned about and cares about the 23rd Gunslinger Co exclusively.

What is your proudest moment as a crew?
Proudest moment? Hmm, everything we’ve done has been so long ago that I don’t remember most of the details. I’ll say when I came back from my hiatus from being gone for damn near 6 years I’ve been begged by former members to bring it back and have had a few players who quit the game completely come back just to be part of it. So I suppose the reputation amongst Gunslingers of old of how well organized and run the crew is, is what I’m most proud of.

What other crew either on the stats or off, do you have respect for?
I have respect for everyone to a certain extent. Everyone has showed me love since I’ve come back surprisingly enough. For the most part though, I respect/admire the old school names and crews I recognize like Event Horizon, The Sacred Empire, The Vanguard, and newer crews like Dei Medici and the Night’s Watch who are run by old school players like Flaton, Nyxxie, Sifaz, and ETS.

Do you have any advice to new crews which are thinking of making an appearance on the stats?
The only advice that’s really warranted is to be ready. Once you’re on the stats page the community is watching. If you don’t have outside shooters ready to go to defend you, don’t have a plan if shot, or the resources to clap back then just wait. Be patient, Bootleggers has been around for a very long time and the stats page isn’t going anywhere.

Well, there you have it, a crew led by a boss with a military background, and tried to ensure family values within the crew.

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