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Player who just died for the 5th time this round trying to decide of he should quit or take this game super fu#&ing serious Riot

Player Gunz4Hire had finally got things going this round. He recently hit Don and the racetrack he purchased for 750 gold was only down $13 million. It was down $25 million two days ago, so things were really starting to look up. Then, the unthinkable happened on a game based on the Mafia and centralized around shooting other people, Gunz4Hire logged in to find out his account had been killed.... for the 5th fu#&ing time this round.
He found himself at a bit of an impasse.

On one hand, Gunz4Hire now knew what he had to do to make it. He had to get stupid serious.

"Screw it. I will run this game. I am gonna set my alarm to wake up and OC in the middle of the night. Start buying gold low and selling it when it's high. I can get back to Don in like 19 days and if I farm cars for bullets while I am at work each day, I'll be able to put a few of those bullets into JDM. That would get the community's attention. The crews would come begging me to join them. I could probably get a spot on some council, then I would be the one doing the killings. I could being doing podcasts with Aldo in no time"
Gunz4Hire thought about how he could climb to the top by putting in an some hard work and then another idea popped into his head.
"I should just quit bro."
The thought echoed through the halls of his mind.
"It will teach them to kill me. I'll just straight up quit. I'll make a big post about it too. That will get everybody's attention. They will feel real bad knowing that I have left the game and they won't have to worry about me retaliating against them similar to the consequences the mafia faced for killing the wrong person."
Gunz4Hire told reporters that he was not sure what he was going to do, but he needed to wrap the interview up because he "had to find some OC money."