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The Down-Low with Aldo Aldo

DISCLAIMER: This article is completely my own opinion and may not represent the opinion of the Bootleggers Buzz. I understand completely that not everyone will agree with me. If you do disagree with me or want to get something off your chest, please reach out and you can join me on The Speak Easy podcast, I will always listen to and happily discuss opposing views.

Wow! What a couple of weeks we have had recently on Bootleggers. Literally, anything and everything seems to have happened. Obviously, the most important issue at hand would be Max aka ShyGuy stepping down as Buzz editor and being replaced by yours truly. With regards to the Buzz, you may have seen me bragging about being the brand new and shiny editor but Flames was the one to press the release button this week. Fear not, this week is only a handover, next week the Buzz finally belongs to me.

We haven’t seen this much shooting since the Sunday Alliance shooting a month or so ago, so we are currently relishing in the action that’s going on right now. The Vanguard took it upon their selves to shoot four big-name crews, Axteze, Event Horizon, Dutch Inc and Arab inc in an act of revenge for Merlot who was formally associated with Dutch Inc shooting their boss Scarcio. There have been returned shots hitting The Vanguard. Unknown Shooters have attacked TSE and what is presumed to be The Family wiped The Nights Watch completely off the statistics page. And that’s not everything, Mutiny joined in the action shooting at both Event Horizon and The Dog Pound. Action, action, action.

Let’s take a look at each shooting and break down exactly what is going on. The Vanguard is no stranger to claiming neutrality and becoming a powerhouse in the game, it seems to be their go-to tactic each round, claiming they won’t do all the alliance things and then doing the alliance things once they have reached the point that they want to. Maybe this round will be different; maybe they won’t join an alliance and contribute to the blanket shooting of crewless accounts. It’s literally too early to call right now but I think if they go back on their word again then they will lose a lot of respect from the community. The reason they shot four different crews though is pretty bad-ass, I have to give them that. I’ll be honest, I’m unsure if Merlot still resides within the walls of Dutch Inc but it’s a clear message that shooting Scarcio repeatedly will not be tolerated. One thing is for sure, they certainly showcased their power with this shooting, wiping four top crews with ease but it begs the question, have they bitten off more than they can chew without allies? I mean we all know The Sacred Empire have been looking for a reason to get involved in this war, they have been enemies with crews like Event Horizon for such a long time it would be stupid to assume that they don’t want to. This will most likely play into The Vanguards favour as even though The Vanguard have stated that they have asked The Sacred Empire not to retaliate for them, it would be foolish to assume that they wouldn’t. That’s just politics for you, folks.

Looking at the other side of the spectrum, were Axteze, Event Horizon, Dutch Inc and Arab Inc making a play for power and dominance? Probably. If we are looking at The Vanguards past and assuming that they will most likely join the alliance warfare publically at some point we can also assume that Ax and co wanted to take over the game again. I mean, this is all just speculation but history does commonly repeat itself.

All I know is that however, this pans out, it’s going to be super interesting and extremely fun to watch these powerhouses go toe to toe with one another.

Speaking of The Sacred Empire, they have been on the receiving end of some shots as well lately. I am unsure exactly who these mystery shooters belong to, all I know is that they seemingly dislike TSE. You would be naive to assume that The Dog Pound and Ndranghetta didn’t have a part to play in this, considering TSE made a power play recently shooting them for their bullet factory and other reasons which Abu specified in a recent Buzz article. However, this cannot be proved and again is only speculation. If rumours are true, The Sacred Empire have made a peace treaty with The Dog Pound and Ndranghetta allowing them back on the statistics page with no war, if this is indeed true then it would definitely surprise me if NDR and TDP were behind these attacks. This one is a mystery yet to be unraveled, but I’m sure it will come to light at some point.

It seems like everyone has it in for Event Horizon after Mutiny opened fire on them this week. They also managed to take some shots at The Dog Pound as well. With this shooting, I’m not going to lie, things look pretty bleak for the likes of EH, Ax, DI, TDP and other associates. It seems as though they are getting shot from all angles. We are lead to believe that Mutiny is a part of what has been dubbed “The Sunday Alliance” consisting of crews like The Company and Death Valley. So looking for a motive shouldn’t really trouble you that much, but for anyone who isn’t up to date with current Bootleggers politics, we’re still in alliance warfare it seems. This is what I believe to be The Sunday Alliance’s first public shooting since the huge massacre they performed the other month. I’m glad they are making their presence known again, it was starting to get a bit boring without them.

Moving away from Alliances now, we will see our first neutral crew from the past two weeks that met their demise. We had all grown to love one of the newer crews of the game The Nights Watch, boasting old school players such as Sifaz, Cotton and Nyxxie. However, what is believed to be The Family wiped them from the face of the earth this week using only two shooters and you would assume spending a lot of gold in the process. The Family has been relatively quiet this round and this feels like their first real statement of intent. If you have been keeping up to date with The Buzz then you would know that two former friendly crews in Most Wanted and The Family planned to go at each other toe to toe this round. But with both crews back in a familiar acclimate playing from a UG position; we haven’t really seen much action. But hold on, what does The Nights Watch have to do with this? Well, Cotton and Sifaz were both members of The Company last round and The Company are known as Most Wanted’s closest ally. So it looked like The Family wasn’t buying The Nights Watch’s “neutral” stance.

If rumours are to be believed, Most Wanted have actually been going through some turmoil recently. Apparently, Aaron had a big fall out with some other members of the group and has left the game indefinitely leaving Keisha with the crew. We all know how much of a good player Keisha is and she has been the backbone for Most Wanted over the past few years. I’m sure if she wanted to run Most Wanted solo, she would be more than capable of doing so. Maybe they will need to restructure a little bit as some of the guys may have only been loyal to Aaron. Again, this is only speculation and what has been floating around recently. I do hope that they can fix their internal issues though as it would be sad to see a crew of such stature disappear from the game.

If Most Wanted has indeed disbanded and doesn’t continue to play, you have to ask questions about The Sunday Alliance and how they will get on as well. Most Wanted (at least in my opinion) were always seen as the forefront of their alliance and the leaders. At least that’s how they appeared to be. Will The Sunday Alliance be able to continue without a powerhouse such as Most Wanted? My eyes would now turn to Boggy and The Company. I think that if this group of crews is to be as successful as they have been in recent years, they will need his leadership.

As far as predicting how everything will turn out I believe it is far too early to call that. There is still so much time for twists and turns yet. I think the main questions are, will The Vanguard cave and join an alliance and shoot crewless? Can Axteze and co fight off The Vanguard and The Sunday Alliance? Will TSE quit again if they get wiped?

It’s literally all to play for.

Not everything that happens is about death, shooting and millions of bullets though. Slappy hosted a Bust Party which boasted a colossal $250,513,048 pot. That’s some going. And now The Sacred Empire is trying to rival that with another huge bust party, the pot at the time of writing is: $116,161,616. All ones and sixes! They still have a way to go yet though if they want to beat Slappy.

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