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When is the next reset!?! iCoastie

Every few months, inevitably, you’ll see the threads in the game forum asking for a reset. Whether it’s because it’s justified with the current game state or that person just lost a fortune on gambling, that’s for you to decide. The question remains though, how long should a round be? With Kyle himself stating that rounds should be shorter in length going forward. Exactly how short, is still up in the air. So naturally, the Bootleggers community has something to say about it! I made a topic in the game forum asking for opinions on the matter. Per usual, the community didn’t disappoint. A few very logical opinions, a few not so logical ones, and of course on brand, a bit of arguing. Let’s look into a few of the players' suggestions and then recap, shall we?

The first response that really gathered some heat was from SevenVirtues, who stated “I don’t understand why people feel the need to rush for a reset. Short rounds will lead to a boring game, people won’t bother retaliating or trying to beat whoever gets the early lead if they know when the next reset is. Resets should only happen when the game has reached an impasse. It’s a strategy game, not a quick-fire mobile game for people with ADHD”. Quite a few members of the community agreed with his point and loudly at that. To a certain extent, he makes a very valid point. The only hard part is determining when a round has reached that impasse, it’s rather subjective. Let’s hear what others in the community had to say on the matter.

Flaton had a very different suggestion, dependent upon one single word, “IF”. He stated that “I would say if the game is really balanced out for new players, inactive players, active players, poor players, and rich players. A round should go on forever. Especially with all the community challenges lately. I'm sure Kyle has something in mind for that.” This opinion took some back and didn’t receive too much attention, but it is an abstract concept that many have not considered. What if there were no rounds and this one continued in perpetuity? A very intriguing question, there would be some obvious negative that we could point out but I’m sure very many unattended positives. Some people then pointed out these potential negatives so Flaton had an alternate suggestion of putting the game on two separate servers. One in perpetuity and one every 6 months. Which is something that could be done but would be very difficult to do considering how low the current player base is. I have to say, Flaton’s ideas were definitely the most unique on the matter. Let’s dig into the subject matter a little more to get to the bottom of this!

Someone was bound to toe the company line as Pjutter did. However, it just the right way? You decide because according to him, ‘I've always been in favor of shorter rounds. I do think a winner or objective for the round would be needed for shorter rounds, personally, I liked Kyles idea for RX about a 6-month round with a winner and that included a crew leader board in statistics. I feel that would be fun and encourage resource using rather than resource stocking.” Now this is what had been tried and what seems to be the most likely course of action. Former Boss of The Vanguard and current Help Desk Operator Abonzo echoed PJ’s sentiments stating “There needs to be an objective. Now there’s none but stocking.” He’s very right in that aspect that most crews who have attained higher status spend most of their time gambling and stocking up on resources to retaliate in case of an attack. There isn’t much of a unified goal to achieve as a crew from the game’s perspective. The hard part is determining how it would be implemented if it was. Would it go based on activity? Would it go based on Crimes? On OC’s? On Kills? Maybe a combination of all the above? SevenVirtues had an interesting idea on how to do it that requires a little more review. He stated that “It's a fair point that shorter rounds may encourage crews to do more, another way could be something like this: When a crew is made you set up a crew ID# and password, if you get wiped you can later form a crew with this ID to keep your record. Then add a league table for crews, things like: (1) Total power, based on ranks, equipment, etc (2) Total wealth (3) Properties held (4) OCs, crimes committed etc. (5) Total kills.” I personally really love this idea, however, it would be difficult to try to get crews to not take advantage of the process. Maybe a way for the staff to do it without having to rely upon the crew ID number. He did have additional ideas concerning the situation like achievements for certain milestones and a certain reward/achievement that the crew can bring to the next round.

For the most part, all the input was amazing! However, I also have my own idea on the matter that Nyxxie agreed with, in saying “I think it totally depends on the state of the game, with a cap. The cap, IMO, should be a year.” That’s right, EXACTLY on year is my idea. I think if you have it set to exactly one year, each round can be directly comparable so you can verify statistics against each round to find deviations and variations. It would give the game “seasons” as it were, by each part of the year is a different focus for most players and crews. As a game, we’d be able to eliminate the lowest activity level part of the year by making the round reset date directly in the middle of it. It would shift all players to play more when previously there was the least amount of activity which will boost the game’s numbers overall. There is endless positives that come from making it a set amount, but then again, that’s just my opinion.

Based on how adamant players got on this subject, the wide variance of ideas, and the logic presented for each one it’s going to be tough to decide. I’m glad I’m not Kyle and have to weigh all these different variables against one another to make the best decision for the game going forward. Either way, I’m sure I speak for the community in saying that we very much appreciate the attention to the game Kyle has outwardly shown recently. I am confident that he’ll make the best decision for the game, as a whole. Bootleggers has been around for a very long time, but change is always inevitable. We here at the Buzz want to hear your opinions on this matter to. Keep the discussion going on this thread in order to get your voice heard! COOOOASSSSSTTTTIIIIIEEE OUUUUUTTTT!!