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And Now Your Watch Has Ended... iCoastie

And Now Your Watch Has Ended

Typical Friday night as of late in the Coastie residence. Kids in bed, wife is at work for another couple hours and I’m doing a little bootlegging online while watching TV. On the moving picture box tonight? Game of Thrones! Finishing up re-watching the 7th season in preparations for the season 8 premier on Sunday. Next thing I know, much to my dismay, I get a boot mail. It’s a witness statement. “You witnessed Slappy get whacked”. My first instinct was to suspect that someone is upset over how much was donated to Slappy’s bust party, then I look up at the TV and watch as the wall comes crashing down in the final episode. It hits me, “Winter has come!”

As irony would have it, The Nights Watch was shot and wiped from the statistics page just a couple days before the final season was premiered of Game of Thrones. I caught up with a few of the players involved to see if they had anything they’d like to say to the buzz. The first person I contacted was the shooter that I got the witness statement from, Arasi. He had nothing to say on the matter other than to talk to the other shooter, Panamago, who then completely ignored me. I did manage to get out of Arasi one little bit of a comment when he stated, “we did it because we could”. Admittedly, that’s not too terribly much to go on. They were both sporting Dynasty pictures on their profiles. So I decided to chase that lead and also talk to the crew who got shot to see if they had any more information on the matter.

Nyxxie was a little more forthcoming when it came to sharing with the Buzz. When I asked if she had heard anything yet as to why they were shot she had this to say, “They’re TF. They come out occasional and shoot. It’s what they do. They can’t play the game any other way.” TF in this case referring to The Family, is a notorious syndicate that has been around for a very long time. This statement was later backed by other sources, so we have figured out the whom. It’s the motive that we still need. Naturally our next question was along that course for Nyxxie, she responded with “If it wasn’t us, it would’ve been someone else. I guess because we just established as a family and we’re an easier target than a more established family.” So essentially, The Night’s Watch believes that there was no real motive outside of just simply wanting to shoot and looking for a juicy target. That explanation didn’t quite sit well with me, so I did a little more digging.

Dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s on this report I get a strange message on WhatsApp from someone who will remain anonymous. They reveal to me that the shooting goes deeper than I had originally discovered. Apparently, The Family believed that The Night’s Watch had been harboring Most Wanted players within their crew spot. Now I’m not 100% certain on their history as I have been gone for awhile but from what I gathered, they’ve been going back and forth for quite some time. Is there any way to confirm or deny this report? Unfortunately, not, as the shooters didn’t want to speak with the buzz. For now, speculation is all we have based on the evidence provided. When I had spoken with The Night's Watch about this allegation it was categorically denied. What the real motive was, is anyone's guess. If anyone else has more information on what happened here, the Buzz would love to hear it in the comments below!

At the end of the day, The Night’s Watch was right back up on the statistics page in less than 24 hours in two separate gang spots, the shooters were killed, and they retained ownership of their Bullet Factory. It’s hard to fight against a cloaked enemy but The Night’s Watch doesn’t seem too phased, they’re back at it and with a vengeance. From all of us here at the Buzz, we hope all of The Night’s Watch members rest in peace. Your watch, has officially ended… COOOAASSTTTTIIIIEEEE OUUUUUTTTT!!!!!