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NEWS: Is nothing Sacred anymore? baron

As I stood there in sunny California, dog shit in hand, 2 cars came screeching round the corner with a volley of machine gun fire following them. I dropped the shit from one hand and the dog lead from the other as I jumped behind a parked car and watched my lovely mutt run off round the corner. One of the cars, a Cadillac V16, took the corner too fast and veered into a shop front coming to a stop with most of the vehicle inside the building, as the other sped off round the corner. The chasing car quickly stopped and two guys jumped out, I couldn't really see their faces, but also didn't want to be seen myself. Slowly they walked up to the smoking Cadillac and unloaded a drum of Thompson ammunition into it. ‘No one could have survived that’ I thought to myself as they got back into their Phaeton to chase down the other fleeing vehicle. After a few seconds had passed people started coming out from behind their cover to see what had happened. I ran over to the wreckage to see who was inside. The driver was unrecognisable at this point, but slumped over in the back were the bodies of Vibie and abuST, two well known and high ranking members of The Sacred Empire [TSE]. I recognised them from the local paper as TSE had called California their home after getting the bullet factory here, but…


A noise can from the back seat. As I peered back in I realised that the two bodies weren’t just laying next to each other, they were covering someone. Someone still alive. I opened the back door and dragged their bodies out, revealing Aburagheb laying there, riddled with holes but somehow still breathing. As I pulled him out of the car onto the road I could hear from all directions shoot outs and car chases. This was obviously a planned attack to take out all the members in TSE, including big players, whilst they were all in California. I had heard that with their grow in power they had taken over two different areas that they called their ‘spots’, so there was a lot of them to take out. Even though the man in front of me was badly hurt and barely alive my reporters brain kicked in, for the first time in years, and I started asking him questions.

“What's going on, who is doing this?”, I asked. “They are trying to weaken us... expose us...”, he spluttered, “it’s coordinated... but they won’t expose themselves... not yet.” “Who won’t?!” I pushed again to find out if he had any hunches but he dodged the answer, “We’ll put it together and get our conclusion... we already know there is only ten of them...” ‘Only ten?’ I thought, ’Only ten to take on all of TSE?!’ “But you run California, with your two spots you have huge amount of power!” “Two spots has its advantages and disadvantages... depending on your strategies... but we’ll go back to one... for the moment.”

I was about to ask him some more questions but a blacked out Essex came hurtling towards us. I thought this must be the shooters, finishing their job, but out jumped another council member for TSE, Breeze. She stared at Aburagheb, then me and ran over. “Help me get him in the fucking car!” She barked, “Come on!”. We picked him up together and dragged him across the road. It was only now, whilst looking up into the sky could I see plumes of smoke ascending up, this seemed to have turned into a massacre now. As we placed him into the car Breeze turned to me sharply. “Listen, you have two options. Either forget whatever he said to you and walk away or give me call, anything else could be dangerous for you.” With that she handed me a card and drove off. I looked down and the top of the card simply read Bootleggers Buzz . As she drove off and left me staring at the oh so familiar card, I felt something rub up against my leg. The mutt. Came back to me. But I had no interest in him now. My mind was else where. I had fought so hard to get away from this life but then within an instance got dragged back in.

Over the next few days my life turned into a whirlwind. I contacted Breeze with the information I had and she got me to come out to New York, to the Buzz offices. I sat down with her and some of the other writers, FlameS even made an appearance too as he was acting editor at the time. I worked with them trying to gather as much info as I could from old contacts but everything was coming up dry. No one had publicly taken ownership of the attack. A large attack when you look at the numbers. Around 36 people killed, 15 were of he street rank known as ‘Don’ or above. Aburagheb’s thoughts of the shooting were right, there were about 10 shooters, but again we couldn’t find a concrete gang affiliation connecting any of them together. I hated writing articles that seemed one sided with information but in this case there was nothing I could do about it, if the other side didn’t want to talk.

With that the article was done. I pulled it out of my typewriter and walked it over to Breeze’s desk. “There’s all the info. Might need touching up, I’m abit rusty.” I said as I turned to walk away. “You didn’t sign it!” She called out, “You write, you sign it, you it print”. “I’m not a Buzz writer any... erm... I’m not a Buzz writer” I answered very in unconvincingly. “Yeah sure. Let’s stop the games. Just sign the damn thing” with that she stood up and walked off, “You want a coffee? Your old mug might even still be here.”

So here I am signing off my first article in a long time. Be kind readers.

Yours SpicyD baron.