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Alliance War? Nazgul

Since the beginning of this round The Vanguard has been rather neutral in the respect that they are not getting involved in taking another crews side but have made it very clear that they disapprove of alliances being formed. However, it appears that The Vanguard got a tip of an alliance being in place and decided to act swiftly.

After spring break everyone seemed to still be recovering from their hangovers. Although it appears that come Monday 1st April The Vanguard had no problem looking in a straight line. Within eight hours the community was in chaos, we saw nothing but gun shots being fired down every street and every alleyway. Those who dared to look out their windows or from behind the keg barrels saw nothing but corpses. The Vanguard ended up shooting Axteze, Event Horizon, Arab Inc and also Dutch Inc.

The Vanguard ended up making a huge total of 86 accounts killed in total during their eight hour spree. A grand total of around 2 million bullets were used along with a lump sum of $200 million being spent in searches. A further 12,000 gold was used for various things throughout the shoot. We spoke with The Vanguard's high council and they informed us with a lot of information. We was informed it should of been a lot less but due to Florida and the many gifts it provided it kind of screwed them over which is what made it a more expensive massacre.

After tensions had died down and people were able to walk the streets again we then managed to gather more information on the reasoning behind The Vanguard shooting. Scarcio was shot by a Dutch Inc member known as Merlot. Since Dutch Inc are currently underground they were unable to focus their attack on them as an individual crew so they done the next best thing in their eyes which was to hit their alliance group with as much firepower as possible. We was unable to find out how they knew their alliance was in place as they did not wish to loose their mole(s). People appear to be getting confused on what The Vanguard's definition of them being neutral is so we asked if they could clear this up:

"Well, with neutral we mean 'not being on anyones side'. So yes, we think we can stay neutral. But in the sense of 'not in war'? Absolutely not."

So with that being cleared up we asked about if they will be hunting for their new enemies. Appears they will not. The Vanguard has informed us that they will not be shooting uncertain accounts each time they hit a certain rank but have assured that if they get verified evidence that they are one of the members within the alliance group they will not sit idle and allow them to rank highly to shoot at them. Before we left The Vanguard headquarters we was told to inform the community that any crew who ruins the open fair play of the game or tries to form another alliance that they do not approve.

Shortly after we put on a fake moustache and a bowler hat so we could approach some of the "allianced crews" for their views on things. Due to the situation within the buzz we unfortunately only managed to catch up with Axteze and Arab Inc which we do apologise in advance to Dutch Inc and Event Horizon. So let us get started with Axteze, we managed to find someone within their crew willing to speak with us.

Axteze was not surprised when The Vanguard wiped them even though in their eyes they was remaining neutral. However, they say that the reason for them getting wiped was slightly different. In Axteze's eyes they are still upset from the previous round where they hard kicked and killed their members which is why they were waiting for an excuse to shoot and this appeared to be just it. We asked what their next plan of action would be and they just only wished to comment "strength through unity", so I just guess that the community shall just have to wait and see what happens. Axteze also noticed that The Vanguard was shooting crew less accounts also which apparently were meant to be known to be Axteze but have nothing to do with them, even though they say that The Vanguard are denying all knowledge regarding this. Before we left Axteze's meeting place they said that The Vanguard is not the tight knit crew many know it as and that it is a "falsehood". The "bootleggers bot" which came out in the very early days of bootleggers was designed and created for The Vanguard members which was supposidly redesigned last round and now back in use to make "fake news" which made them look much more superior than they truly are while also giving them unauthorised access to accounts which belonged to underground accounts. Once we had left the writers back in the office was curious, how true is this or is it just made up to make people think more about stuff that is not true so they could continue to plot or is it legit?

Unfortunately the only last crew we was able to catch up with was Arab Inc, who surprisingly have a complete different story to this. In the early stages of the round Axteze got attacked which Arab Inc returned fire on their attackers. After things settled down unfortunately Arab Inc ended up getting attacked but according to them Axteze turned their back on them which caused a big fued between them. Arab Inc left this "alliance" and went on to become playing as a solo crew once again but was rather annoyed when The Vanguard shot at them and claiming they are still part of their alliance. The following day Arab Inc approached The Vanguard asking for peace but then changed their mind and shot from underground accounts at them. The Vanguard got so angry with this betrayal that they have declared all Arab Inc members as a kill on sight order. The Vanguard have also stated that if Arab Inc end up on the statistics page again that they will just wipe them as there will be no peace between the two crews for the remainder of this round, although next round they may have peace once again.

Arab Inc appear to be rather happy though with this decision as they claim they shall continue to shoot at The Vanguard rather happily in order to prove two things, firstly that they are not weak and are strong enough to remain at war. Secondly to show them that they are solo and not shooting along side other crews. Boyka was approached already by a couple of other crews to join in on shooting at The Vanguard in order to complete a successful crew wipe but he turned down the offers and said he would rather shoot alone with his own crew. Although due to The Vanguard shooting at Arab Inc during the "alliance wiping" they are under the impression that they were the ones who declared war and not Arab Inc. We spoke to Boyka with regards to how they would manage to continue to fund their war as shooting for the whole round can be very expensive in both bullets and also gold, to which he replied that they have got two real life very rich members who buy the 15,000 gold package from KyleKroff whenever they start to become low on gold. The two members are according to Boyka more than willing to do this. Before we was on our departure in our chevrolet we was told to inform The Vanguard that should they wish to end this war that Boyka would be willing to speak with Scarcio on a peace treaty.

So with all sides armed for war and plenty of bloodshed happening from every angle it is now what appears to be a war over turf and respect. Although no one can truly be sure on who will win this three sided war. We have seen in the last few days that all sides are still taking casualties. So now the question is this, how long will this war go on for and is it all true or did someone just bite more than they could chew? All we can say from the buzz is that we wish all sides the best of luck and we shall continue to be in places you do not expect in order to keep up on the situation.

Disclaimer:  The buzz apologieses once again to every crew involved in this current war as we have noticed recently that more people have done shootings but due to the fact this story is over two weeks old we was playing a lot of catch up with regards to all the information gathered. We also apologise is a few minor facts are slightly wrong. Once again best of luck to each side and we hope that crews not mentioned as much like Dutch Inc and Event Horizon do not feel too offended. Thank you.