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Work House of Clowns FlameS

A few weeks ago, we were enjoying watching a new crew grow from gang to crew and eventually to one of the three prestigious family spots; House of Clowns.

We here at the Buzz love watching new crews emerge and so we were really interested to watch them getting insided, all of the members hard-kicked and the family re-branded as the already well-known crew; The Firm.

The Buzz missed this story of the takeover at the time, however we recently have uncovered an even more juicy story regarding what all happened back then.

The following testimony was taken by the former crew boss of House of Clowns; Pendulum. He tells us that he and Dutchboss who had been friends for a long time wanted to start a crew purely for fun. However Dutchboss was likely to be killed if found as he was underground. Instead the two of them teamed up to create the crew as a short term, money laundering operation.

The two guys created a bit of theatre, some pictures to make it all feel real and even a storyline of chasing an upgrade to crew and then to family. All of this theatre allowed them to profiteer massively from their members by skimming donations for the crews progress straight into their own pockets.

The guys recruited heavily in the forums and accepted every applicant knowing that a great deal of them could be insiders, but for them it didn’t matter, they wanted a quick buck, and boy were they getting it. All said and done after factoring in the cost to purchase the original spot, they each came away with a four-figure sum of gold!

We asked Pendulum if he was worried that his ex-members would read this and feel like they had been scammed, he told us that he didn’t particularly scam them, no formal taxes were in place and instead he just took what was being openly offered. The members believed they were paying into a new crew that may become a source of more entertainment, or power or social interaction in their future, so although not directly a scam, some of them could well be annoyed.

Pendulum also told us that he was surprised someone did not take them down sooner as they essentially opened the flood gates to any applicant without any checks but was surprised that it was The Firm instead of TSE, who were at war with TDP; and may have been looking for Dutchboss.

We wanted to leave this story open ended for anyone to add onto their version of events, but we will leave you with some parting words, the game is quite used to watching out for players pretending to be someone else, but maybe this article can be a reminder that crews pretend too, be careful with your cash out there folks, some of you made Pendulum and Dutchboss a nice little profit.