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Behind the Name: SuperLizard iCoastie

Either an ultra bad-ass and respected Don of 1920’s mobsters, or a soccer mom of three who’s behind on laundry because it took forever to find a Driver in Illinois. Either way, we all have our online Bootleggers personas and we all also have our real lives. Here at the Buzz, we like to get to know some of the player base on a little more personal level. This week we were able to link up with SuperLizard. So strap in, grab a drink, and get ready to get to know Danny a little more in our weekly issue of, “Behind the Name”.

So Daniel or “Danny” is from South Yorkshire in the UK. He’s a single father of two. Little boy who’s almost three, and a daughter who’s almost one! He’s currently a plumber and loving it. His father got him an apprenticeship then after four years he got set up with his own business! Has come back to the game recently because the crew to which he belongs, The Sacred Empire has returned from their hiatus.

SuperLizard started playing bootleggers in late 2004 at a whopping 15 years old, (I’ll let you do the math to figure out how old he is now) originally under the name of SubZero1989. That pseudo name didn’t last very long though as he’s been SuperLizard ever since. He has been making pictures since then too, admittedly, not as good back then as he is now.

So naturally, we asked him where all his profits from picture making goes. Like most picture makers, directly into the Casinos. SuperLizard’s kryptonite? Roulette! I asked if he had any specific strategies and he essentially said, “bet big and pray”. Not the most elegant of strategies but he’s self-aware so I can respect it. Stated he has lost well over $320,000,000 on roulette this round already!

SuperLizard does have quite a few hobbies outside of bootleggers though. Stating, “when I was younger, I was good at everything” referencing all the different sports he used to play. Even as an adult he’s still out and about playing in footy tournaments but has reserved himself to more gaming role as of late. Avid player of Blackout and Snooker on PS4. Hit him up if you want to add him!

As usual, it was an absolute pleasure to get to know SuperLizard on a little more personal basis and hopefully all of you, our avid readers, feel the same. That’ll conclude this weeks edition of “Behind the Name”, if you are interested in being featured for next week, hit up iCoastie at your earliest convenience. COOOOASSSSTTTTTTIIIEEEEEE OUUUUTTTTT!!!!