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INTERVIEW: Behind the Writer baron

Alright, guys. baron here. So this isn't like my 'normal' style I'm afraid. You may be surprised to know those articles take quite some time, especially for my dyslexic brain. So! With this article every week we are going to look at a current Bootleggers Buzz writer and delve into their BL history. I thought this week why not start at the top (newly appointed top) and pin down our editor in chief Aldo for a chat. I hope you enjoy!

Right, first things first. Name? Age? And inside leg measurement?

Hello, My name is Michael, I’m most commonly known on Bootleggers as Aldo. I’m 28 years old [and] my legs are average in size.

Off to a good start. So a pretty normal second question when talking to someone on BL... Are you going to send nudes for Gold? No, I jest! Real question, when did you first log in?

I logged in and played bootleggers for the first time a long, long time ago. I remember it was back in school, probably year 9? I know I haven’t been here from the very start, I think I discovered it in round 2. I can’t tell you specifics unfortunately.

And can you remember your first account name?

I don’t recall my first account name however I do remember after playing for a few weeks I decided to make my own oc team. I was obviously a massive noob, didn’t understand that duping was actually an offence. So I made 4 accounts and I couldn’t of made it any more obvious. Their names were MiKeDaKiLlA, MiKeDaKiLlAv2, MiKeDaKiLlAv3 and MiKeDaKiLlAv4. Amazingly none of those accounts ever got banned lol

Ahh a lovely bit of old skol duping never hurt anybody! So when you started, did you first play with friends in real life or did you make friends with other players?

I first started playing with friends yes. I think it’s the same as most people, it started as something you’d play and talk about with your school friends and over time they would fade away and grow out of it, but something happened that made us stick around.

Interesting. Care to divulge what the thing that happened was?

For me it was more of a social thing. It was absolutely crazy speaking to people from all around the world who were a similar age to me. I really enjoyed that aspect of the game.

I agree it is mad how this game can attract people from all different walks of life. So back to your playing history! Have you played since you started non stop or have you had a break like so many others have?

I took a break in round 5 I believe, me and some friends I made couldn’t really cut it on bootleggers in its hay day so we decided to create a crew and we took it to different platforms of the genre. We went around dominating some of the smaller and less known mafia based games. That didn’t last long and we grew apart. I decided to log into Bl one day to check it out after a few years of not playing any mafia games and it was chaos round in round 6, I made my full time return on the first day of round 7.

And have been back ever since! Can you sum up your BL ’career’ thus far in 3 sentences for someone that knew nothing about you at all?

My bootleggers career in three sentences: I was literally a nobody until round 7. I matured a lot in that time and started to understand the game a lot more, which lead to me leading a handful of some of the most successful crews in recent bootlegging times such as, Axteze, Most Wanted and The Syndicate. Pretty much retired nowadays and using my spare time to entertain the community and hopefully push the game and it’s future forward.

Well I can't leave that big brown bear unpoked. The Syndicate, one of the most talked about groups in BL history (in my very limited opinion anyway). What can you tell us about it? It's runnings, it's members, it's history.

The Syndicate Doesn’t exist

Yep. I sort of asked for that. Moving on. Your life in BL has somewhat changed. Now you are a member of the Buzz. Is it your first time here? And what attracted you about joining this round?

I had a stint with the Buzz in round 7, I was co editor with Shyguy for a little bit in round 7 as well. But I never actually got to push the release button myself. This will be my first official release.

I wanted to bring the buzz back last round to be honest. I was having ideas for articles on a weekly basis and always thought there was something interesting to write about. I don’t specifically like the general standard of shooting, interview article if you know what I mean? I like to write about behind the scenes things, politics and what not. There’s a lot more to the game than people realise I think.

Now you aren't just a member, you're the Editor. So in an ideal world what direction would you like to take the Buzz in?

I’d like to see the Buzz a little bit more opinionated to be honest. The Buzz is always super successful at the start of a round and then it just starts to fade away. I feel like that has a lot to do with the general standard of articles that are put out. There’s always this none biased “we at the Buzz” type thing. Obviously I don’t want the Buzz to take sides, but if you think something is bullshit I want people to call them out on it, have an opinion on matters and share that opinion. People may not always appreciate your opinion or agree with it but it will at least keep things relevant and more importantly will keep people talking about the Buzz and the articles the team are producing. So yeah, I’d like the Buzz to be a little bit more edgy if you will.

And lastly. If you could ask Kyle one question that he had to answer directly, what would I be?

I'd honestly be very interested to know how much revenue Bootleggers has brought Kyle since it released. That’s what I would ask him.

Great, thanks for the chat. I've heard you've got two very interesting podcasts lined up so I look forward to them too. Also, good luck with your first push of the "GO" button this weekend.

So there you are. A little insight into Aldo and how he got to where he is now. And KyleKroff if you are reading this, what's your bank account like? Just send me a private BM with the number. I won’t tell anyone. Promise.