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NEWS UPDATE: This family should have had their [Van]guard up! baron

I kept replaying what Scarcio said about Arab Inc [AI] and Dutch Inc [DI] being involved in the shooting even though they hadn’t been vocal about it themselves. My time away from the Buzz meant most of my contacts had either dried up or left the world of crime behind. Also with both of these crews still being somewhat underground with their presence, getting hold of one of them was turning out to be hard. That was until a few days after the shooting Nazgul approached me with a coffee and a bit of paper.
“This could get you some solid answers about The Vanguards [TV] shooting. Give it a call. He’s expecting it”

That night I sat myself down by the phone with my notepad and a glass of whiskey. I rang the number Nazgul had given me, still not knowing who it was for. Before the ring tone even started the phone was picked up the other end.


“...” Still nothing.
“I was given your number. Said you were expecting my call. About the TV shootings.”
“What questions do you have?” Replied the voice. It was deep. And had an accent, not from these parts of the world.
“Well first off. Who are you?”
We are Arab Inc.”
AI! Ok. So their boss is... come on! Boyka!’
Boyka? You must be Boyka, boss of AI.” I spluttered down the phone
“...” Silence from the other end. ’I’ll take that as a yes then.’ I realised he just wanted to know my questions and that was all. So I got straight to them.

“Everyone thinks AI shot with DI to weaken th...”
“Let me tell you this.” He interrupted, “AI doesn’t play around with any other crews, we’re solo. We did a few killings that may have helped someone looking to wipe them, but we did not organise to shoot with anyone.” I had hit a nerve. “TV have started a war with us, and we will keep on shooting. We saw that someone was shooting crewless men again so we wanted to make our move before any of our underground members got caught up in the hunts. AI does not plan with anyone else.” I think he made his point clear. They weren’t working with someone, but if what they did happened to help then it was a happy accident?
“You say TV has started a war. When was this? What happened?”
“They shot us because they believed we were working with Axteze [AX] and DI, which we weren’t. But that’s done, we have taken our revenge. Right, you’ve had your answers this is over now.”
“Wait!” I shouted down the phone. “Are AI going to stay underground? When are we going to see you back on the streets?”
“Huh. Coming up from the underground will make us sitting ducks, we don’t need that. We will handle our problems with TV and others then maybe think about coming back.”
“Others? What others?” I pushed for more answers. But the line had already gone dead.

Well. That was AI’s opinion of it all, from the bosses mouth himself. Was it true? Who knows, you can only take someone on their word. Just depends on how respected their ‘word’ was. Now I didn’t know anyone enough yet to have a view on that, so for the moment will have to take it as the truth. Unless anyone else came forward and wanted to talk...