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Coastie's THINK-PIECE: Bodyguards! iCoastie

Bodyguards for you! Bodyguards for me! Bodyguards for everyone! Ever since the feature was introduced it has been a subject of debate amongst the bootlegger faithful. Many scoffed at the idea, some were encouraged, and others had unique takes and ideas on how to implement similar features. Without further ado, let us wine and dine in this week’s issue of ‘Coastie’s Think-Piece’.

The overwhelming majority of the community scoffed at the idea. Especially after AcerDiedRR pointed out, “With the current bullet count to shoot, it’s like everybody has a bodyguard.” A point that I must say is hard to refute. The increase in the number of bullets necessary to shoot has been substantial. A sentiment Aldo shared in stating, “the number of bullets to make a kill has already been massively inflated. I think anything extra is just overkill.” So maybe a bodyguard may not be the greatest idea. However, we did have quite a few bootleggers out there that had some unique ideas to give a little more protection to certain players with certain properties. Let us look at a couple of them now.

One of the suggestions centered around having bodyguards for those holding properties. Whether it’s bullet factories, a roulette, or a keno; some players felt that it would be a good idea to have additional protection. PH1L even managed to make it fair for both parties when he had suggested that ” What about the option of assigning someone to be a body guard for casino/player and they receive a certain % of profit on property without risk of also losing money depending on rank makes it fair for both parties.” While this seems like a pretty good idea on the surface, unfortunately, it would be very difficult to stop players from taking advantage of the properties. They would be used for protection more than to gamble. They would be horded by certain groups and cyphering off cash from casinos is much more lucrative than most would think since it takes from each bet individually. Overall, I believe this would end up causing more harm than good. There was another unique idea though that has some merit, Zazamouk had stated “If there's a bodyguard, could it just change the % to kill someone? Like instead of 98%-99%, it drops a bit to 94-95% or even lower?” Now that suggestion has some legs. It’s even possible to set it up in a tier system to require more resources for higher leveled bodyguards for predetermined amounts of time. These weren’t the only suggestions though.

Most of the other suggestions and ideas were targeting crews and their structure. Amidst the arguing about tiers and unnecessarily long and complicated bodyguard crew formulas, a very interesting idea came to pass privately in my inbox. “Why not just make it so the crew boss is the last person you can kill”, essentially taking the tiered structure and just isolating it down to a single individual. Something that even the most avid against the tiered structure would admit, could be feasible. Just that one little change would have a massive impact on how one would attack and defend a crew spot. While other suggestions may have been practical like an extra protection that only crew bosses can purchase. I think it’s a very slippery slope to go down any sort of road with legitimate body guards.

In conclusion, this was a bit of a heated discussion that inspired many creative tangents. In the end though, I think the community has spoken overwhelmingly against the introduction of Body Guards back into the game in their original right. A suggestion to offer “bodyguards” as an extra level of protection for a predetermined amount of time or the suggestion to lower the kill percentages are both very viable. Also restricting the old tier system down to a single entity like the crew boss is something that is not only practical, but realistic. For the most part, you’re not getting to the boss of a crew unless you’ve taken out the minions first. We here at the buzz would love to keep the conversation going, so please offer your feedback and submit any additional suggestions or ideas you may have in this article! COOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE OOOOUUUUUUTTTT!