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Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell - Predicting Death Contest Riot

Ned Stark's death, Battle of Blackwater, Red Wedding, Battle of Castle Black, Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards, The Spoils of War.
It has all lead us to this moment.
The Battle of Winterfell.

Come tomorrow we will be watching some of our favorite characters meet their bloody demise fighting the army of the undead.
Think you know who will have their story come to an end?
Let's find out!

We have put together a little contest. All you have to do is to go the link below and make your picks on who you think is going to not survive the upcoming battle. The person who predicts the most correct fates will win.
For the record, if you pick somebody to die and they die, you get a point. If you do not mark somebody has going to die and they live, you will also get a point.

Every entry will require you to enter your username and the email associated with your account. We do not want people making entries for other people and mucking everything up.

The prizes will be as follows:
1st Place: $15 Million
2nd Place: $10 Million
3rd Place: $5 Million

And just for an added bonus, any entry that scores higher than both FlameS and myself will receive $1 Million.

Join here:

One entry per player!
Best of Luck.
Valar morghulis.