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Who are Dei Medici? Nazgul

In round 9.75 we witnessed the birth of a new mafia group known as Dei Medici. At first, we saw them appear on the statistics page but they soon disappeared as they sold the spot off. Dei Medici was founded by a group of friends (Fonzy, Paranoia, PickleRick, Melding, and Phelix) as after they sold their first spot and picked up a second gang spot all of them decided to try and make Dei Medici a legitimate crew. During their first few weeks, they were struggling with regards to recruiting and finding legitimate and loyal members as at the beginning they had a few insiders who shot from their spot causing them a bit of grief. However, luckily for them, they were able to speak to the other crew bosses and explained their situation on the incidents and thankfully never escalated to a proper full-scale war.

Since Dei Medici is still a fairly new crew to the bootleggers community they have made their mark that they can shoot as towards the beginning of the round they did shoot Hell's Angels. Dei Medici received some backfire from the events that took place but fortunately for them the feud died off as quickly as the assault went forth. We are still to witness how they cope as a whole but so far they appear to have some strength to them as shown with the birth of a sub crew known as "La Foresteria" which is used as a temporary solution for new members to join and rank, start off within before being sent on their way to their own goals. It was formed due to the fact that Dei Medici witnessed a lot of crews shooting crew fewer accounts and thought it was unfair which is why it was made, as members within Dei Medici had been in that situation before and wanted things to change.

The crew manages to sustain itself by having members who have a fair amount of free will within the spot as they are not monitored all the time nor are they being used to farm cash or gold for the higher within the spot. Dei Medici only main thing are strict about is that people are polite and respectful to other individuals who are within the bootlegger's community due to the fact that most of the highers are middle-aged men who have no time for childish games as they are very busy with real-life challenges.

Their biggest high point is the great atmosphere within the crew as they host lots of games and various challenges within the crew forums, like deal or no deal. Which is to help bring their players together and build up a bond with one another. We asked what their biggest low point was and the only thing they were disappointed with were the insiders that they had who became underground shooters. They felt a bit betrayed after spending the time to get to know them as people instead of a name to only be backstabbed. But that being said we were assured that it would not crush their spirits and they would only carry on growing strong.

Now with this brand new crew being around this round, now we as a community must watch and see how they act and what will happen in the long run. Will they become extremely powerful or will they slowly get picked off and lose faith? All we at the buzz so far can say is welcome Dei Medici to the bootleggers' community and the very best of luck.