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INTERVIEW: Behind the Writer baron

Hello, hello, hello. Tis I again, baron, with another interview with a Buzz writer. And who is it in the tepid to warm seat today. Well last week we did the current Editor, so this week we take it back to the one before him JJJameson. The Mufasa to our Simba. The Claudius to our Hamlet. The Rhaegar Targaryen to our Jon Snow. Anyway, here it is!

And so we begin. Simple questions to start. Name? Age? And colour of underwear?

My name is Max, I am 26 years old and the underwear is black. Leaves no streaks, sweeeet!

Nobody wants those streaky whites. So when did you first log in to BL and can you remember your first account name?

Woahhh, I think I was around 11/12 years old at the time, so that must have been 14 years ago. My first username was 'Ikweetgeenleukenaam', which is Dutch for ''I don't know a good name''. Yeah, lack of creativity...

I don't speak Dutch so to me that username is very creativity, and mental looking. Anyway, when you first played was it with friends in real life or did you make friends with other players?

All my classmates in primary school played Bootleggers during that time, so I mostly played with my friends.

So of those friends do any still play? And when you did start playing, can you remember your first 'BL friend'?

Some of them do, but most of them unfortunately retired. My first real friend of Bootleggers was Isolated, he was the one who vouched for me to get into my first real crew; The Deadly Alliance.

Ah TDA, I remember them from my time in BL. Many BL players come and go from the game, have you played since you signed up non stop or have you had a break?

I had more breaks on Bootleggers than fingers on my hands. I am that type of guy who ''rage quited'' once I got shot with a lot money on hand or gets bored after a while and forgets to log in. I'm here though and no plans to leave!

Ohh rage quitting is a lovely sight. Do you remember your biggest one?

Hahaha it is! Probably when I was banking a few billion (which was actually possible in that time due to the hyper inflation haha).

I remember the times of the billionaires, now people can hardly pay for OCs... Moving on! Have you ever worked for the buzz before this round? And also what attracted you to the Buzz now?

Yeah, I used to write for the Buzz a few rounds ago and made it to Buzz Editor. At the start of the round FlameS and Riot decided to bring back the Buzz and I immediately signed up for the team. Those awesome guys became Moderator and not short after that we decided to make me Buzz Editor. Loved it for two months, but I decided to step down two weeks ago due to a too buzzy (see what I did there?) real life.

I think the Buzz is a great place to work on your (English) writing skills and you get to know a lot of stuff ''behind the scenes'' of Bootleggers. It's also a great way to improve your teamwork skills, since the Buzz is an amazing team effort after all.

Everyone agrees RL is more important than BL, sometimes sacrifices are made. But I do see your name is in yellow, which means you are a Help Desk Operator. Would you care to give us a short rundown of what that means as a player in the community?

Now that you mention it, weauwzers! As a Help Desk Operator we try to help the players as much as we can. We do that by answering questions on the Forums and the Help Desk. Of course players can always message us and we will try to help them the best way we can.

Furthermore we are players just like the rest of you guys and girls. Just a different colour on the Users Online page!

Can you some up your BL ’career’ thus far in 3 sentences for someone that knew nothing about you at all?

First 3 years: duping, banned, duping, banned, duping, banned aaand rage quit. Once I got older and much much much wiser I actually started playing the game (on a fair way) and joined amazing crews such as: The Deadly Alliance, The Syndicate, Immortal Ghosts, The Sacred Dick Fucking Empire and so many more great crews. Now I am mostly here to help new players, contributing to the Bootleggers Buzz and not much involved into crews and politics anymore.

Another TS member, this is becoming a trend. Last question then if you could ask Kyle one question that he had to answer directly, what would I be?

Yo Kyle, do you need a guy to do your financials and your taxes? I'm your man, hit me up!

And that was that. A slice of JJJameson's history. Again another member of TS in the Buzz... Should we start worrying? And another question to KyleKroff about his finances. Surely they don't matter, everyone knows he runs this game for the love of the people playing right? Right?!