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Feature Suggestion – Winner of the Round JJJameson

When we have a look at the history of the rounds on Bootleggers, you will see that in the last few rounds there are some clear ‘winners’ at the end. Just for the record, this article is definitely not about which crew won which round. This article is about starting the debate to release some sort of scoring system to announce the winner of a round. So, most of the previous round winners were (underground) crews which were part of some sort of alliance, right? That actually brings us to the first relevant question that we need to answer in order to implement a system to announce a ‘winner of the round’. When do you win at Bootleggers?

It is not as easy as winning Risk by conquering the world or bankrupting your little brother with Monopoly. No, it is far more complex than that. What do you need to do in order to be the ‘best’ on Bootleggers? Is it the player who has the most gold or money on hand? Perhaps the player with the most amount of whacks or most used bullets? Most committed crimes maybe? Perhaps you cannot win as a single player, but you only win as a crew? That leaves us with even more options now; when do you win as a crew? Most days on the statistics? Total amount of whacks performed by all the crew members combined? Maybe the total combined amount of gold, money or performed crimes of all members together?

We can conclude that the winner of a round is very subjective and each player on Bootleggers has a different goal or way of playing. For example you have the categories ‘gamblers’ and ‘underground shooters’. A gambler is more interested in becoming the wealthiest player and plays the game different compared to an underground shooter. An underground shooter is surely more interested in melting as many cars as possible and whack as many players/crews as he/she can. It requires a different style of playing and it makes it more complex to appoint one single player as the one and only winner of a round.

Whether it is complex or not, in this article I have several suggestions on how to implement a system that shows us who is / are the winner / winners of a round. You do not have to agree with me or my ideas, but I truly hope that we can start the debate and help KyleKroff by implementing a successful and challenging system. In this article I will explain three different systems: (1) leaderboards, (2) an activity based point system and (3) a system based on the amount of gold.

1. Leaderboards
One week ago, a new feature was introduced to Bootleggers; Jail Leaderboards. For those who missed it, the Jail Leaderboards can be found on the Jail page and are scored in three categories: (1) Most Busts, (2) Most Time Removed and (3) Best Streak. The scoring begins every Monday and concludes at the end of the day Sunday. A gold prize is given to the top three places for the Most Busts category. So, that is the summary for the current leaderboards, but what if we expand this feature?

At this moment, the leaderboards are only based on the jail feature and are renewed after one week. We can still find the top 10 busters of this round at the statistics page though, but the only leaderboard we have on Bootleggers is based on busting. What if there were more leaderboards than just for busting? In my opinion creating leaderboards for more features than just busting would significantly increase the game-play and perhaps also increase the activity of players.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Bootleggers has several types of players. I therefore think it is important to have more leaderboards than just busting. Think about a specific page where you can find several ‘categories’ of leaderboards, such as: player with the most whacks, player with the highest amount of successful crimes, player who used the most bullets, player who ranked the fastest to Legendary Don, most time whacked player and so on. When creating different kind of leaderboards, it is important to have a leaderboard for each type of player. In this way, you can satisfy more players (than just the busters at this moment) and everyone can choose their own goal / leaderboard for the round.

The frequency of the leaderboards is also an important factor. The current jail leaderboards are weekly updated and the ‘leaderboard’ on the statistics page is seen over the entire round. I think leaderboards should definitely represent the statistics over an entire round, but to stimulate activity, I think the weekly (perhaps monthly) leaderboards are a great addition. Personally, I am not a fan of the weekly gold rewards, but it can be a great incentive to increase the activity on the game. I would love to see a personalized ‘achievement cap’ for the top-3 players of a certain leaderboards (which is linked to your E-mail, so only the specific winners can use it).

2. Point system (activity based winner)
This system is a lot different compared to the system based on leaderboards though. With a system as the leaderboards, you have more ‘winners’ during a round, since every leaderboard is a different achievement. The ‘point system’ (look at my username – I am bad creating sexy and catchy names) is based on only one winner; the player with the highest activity. With every action you perform on Bootleggers you earn ‘activity points’. This way the players who are actually playing the game throughout an entire round are rewarded by winning the round.

I do not have the statistics, but I truly believe the majority of the Bootleggers community are not playing the game as we all do once a round just started. When a round is started, we all start criming like maniacs and we hit the maximum cap of 400 crimes a day. However, once the round is on, people are less criming and are only committing two Organized Crimes a day and perhaps they manage to do a few rackets. I classify myself as a lazy player, since I try to perform two Organized Crimes a day, commit some Rackets and join a Bust Party when I one. My current rank is Don and I have less than 15 successful committed crimes. Based on my activity I definitely do not deserve the crown as winner of the round. People who hit the maximum cap of 400 a day for a couple of weeks now (without using a bot that is), should deserve some kind of reckoning.

So, how should this ‘point system’ work? Simple and not so simple. Basically, by each ‘Campaign- action’ you perform (using features which are categorized in the tab ‘Campaign’) you earn points. The more activities you perform, the more points you score. Now, that was the easy part. The hard part is allocating the amount of points per action. This can give the game a totally new dimension though. For example you can determine that stealing a Starpegasus with 50% damage is worth 2 activity points and stealing a Duesenberg with no damage is worth 500 points (just a random example). Additionally you can determine that crimes in a higher city gives you more points than the lowest city. There are many, many possibilities with this system and you can make it as complicated as you want. The most important part of using this system is that the winner of a round is based on the amount of activity though.

3. Gold system (money is everything)
Another idea I have sounds really boring at the start, but can actually be very interesting. The player (or crew) with the highest amount of gold on hand – WINS! Forget the amount of whacks, melting cars into bullets and forget crews; it is all about making GOLD. Once everyone plays for the same goal (to have the most gold), the federal bank feature will have a very important role. Also, game activity will probably increase since players want to gain as much money as possible.

This system has a lot of cons though. The crew feature how it is currently implemented in the game is pointless with this system and will probably result in many players not joining a crew. Additionally if the main purpose of the game is making money (and eventually gold) it will affect the game economy and the round probably becomes unplayable for players who did not join at the beginning of a round. These players are too far behind that it probably gives them no incentive to play for the title.

The system is however also an opportunity for changes. Think about bringing back the Wealth statuses on the profile of players and drastically change the crew feature. Bringing back the Wealth status may result in more killings as people with a ‘rich’ wealth status are most likely killed much sooner. The crew feature can also be changed that the stronger your crew is, the more income it generates with crew benefits. And Kyle… think about those additional Gold purchases...

No matter what system, Bootleggers deserves a winner at the end of each round. That brings us to the next relevant question – how long should a round last? Well, that is something for another article. I’d love to hear your feedback about my suggestions and let the debate begin!