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Behind the Name: ETS iCoastie

Whether you’re an ultra-bad-ass and respected Don of 1920’s mobsters or a college student completely ignoring his studies for a bust party. Either way, we all have our online Bootleggers personas and we all also have our real lives. Here at the Buzz, we like to get to know some of the player base on a little more personal level. This week we were able to link up with ETS. So, strap in, grab a drink, and get ready to get to know Alex a little more in our weekly issue of, “Behind the Name”.

A simple misunderstanding almost two months ago made ETS and I cross paths originally. I, having recently returned after a long absence, saw his name and immediately assumed, “Enemy of the State”. A crew that completely gutted me when I last played, I thought possibly, this is StoW! Boy was I wrong. Alex turns out, is a great guy. A well-known member of a well-respected crew, and a bit of a notorious gambler this round. Boy was he probably confused when I brought up him stealing my bullet factory all those years ago…

Turns out in talking to him that he is an American just like myself. Narrowing it down, I asked him what state he lives in. As fate would have it, he’s a Floridian just like me. On top of that, he’d be coming near my home town in just a few weeks. So, we decided to meet up at Brunchies for breakfast along with my best friend who also plays, AR12. The three of us were accompanied by a friend of Alex’s, who does not play bootleggers. You can imagine how lost he was during our conversations.

Alex has himself a rather unique job, he’s a home inspector. He’ll be contracted to go check out homes to ensure they’re livable and to check for specific items in each one. We had discussed the possibility of expanding his reach into out of town people looking to move. Also discussed a camera that would be super helpful with his job. It was a bit pricey though. A rather tall lad, standing at least 6-feet. Alex cuts the figure of a basketball player. In shape, lanky, looks like he’d be a top candidate for that #1 overall pick in a pick-up game.

His persona, ETS, is strictly loyal to Dei Medici. Believe me, I tried… Jokes aside, he’s gotten rather lucky with casinos this round. Taking in well over 60,000 gold worth this round alone! It goes without saying, we’re all a little jealous on that account. When asked about what he regrets the most this round so far, was how many bullets he lost on his L.Don account when he died. I won’t disclose how many there were but lets just say, it was quite a bit.

We discussed more than just jobs and the game though. Sports, Camping, and even a bit about theme parks was on the itinerary for our breakfast discussion. Of which, by the way, was amazing! Lived near this place all my life and never knew it existed. Come early though, the place gets packed! Brunchies aside, I’m very happy I got an opportunity to get to know Alex a little better and I hope you all have as well. The Picture attached is AR12 (Shane), ETS (Alex), then myself (iCoastie) That’ll conclude this week’s edition of “Behind the Name”, if you are interested in being featured for next week, hit up iCoastie at your earliest convenience. COOOOASSSSTTTTTTIIIEEEEEE OUUUUTTTTT!!!!