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Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell - Contest Recap! Riot

The long night has finally come and went. It was one of the best on screen battles the world has ever seen … well kinda seen. It was a very dark fight and we are not talking about where the zombie giant crushes a little girl to death. I mean we could not see anything because the screen was too damn dark. Luckily we caught up with everybody who kicked the bucket in the most recent episode. Before we get to the winners, let’s go over the those we lost too soon and what percentage of you thought they would meet their demise.

Dolorous Edd 11% He was tied for our least predicted death. Dolorous found his new promotion short lived as the wall was destroyed forcing him down the Winterfell where he died as he lived…. trying to help Sam.

Lyanna Mormont 16% This pint sized lord was a force to be reckoned with inside the the town halls. In the battle however, she was quickly outmatched and met her end at the hands of a giant. To be fair, you should see the other guy.

Beric Dondarrion 11% This brother without a banner lost his red priest last season. Good thing there was one in the room when he died. Only, she did not bring him back. She just let us know that the purpose for him always coming back was to be stabbed by like twenty zombies as he protected Arya. The night really is dark and full of terrors.

Alys Karstark 16% So, we never see Lady Karstark die on camera, but she was out there looking like a grocery store brand version of Hermonie Granger defending Bran and we all know how that worked out. Her death would not alter the top of the contest, so we are going to say she did not make it.

Theon Greyjoy 47% Hey Theon, we need you to stand right here and guard Bran, from the Night King… who kills all in his path…. and his path leads to Bran. Who did not see this coming besides 53% of the contest. He died a heroic death so at least we can forgive him for burning those two kids a few seasons ago. Hey, at least he and Ros can finally be together.

Night King 16% Only 16% thought the big bad guy was going to turn to crushed ice in the battle. Can you blame us for thinking that we were going to lose the main antagonist so early in the season? Next time he may want to set up a better perimeter.

Ser Jorah Mormont 26% This guy overcame the slave pits, grey scale, and the initial dothraki charge only to be killed off after coming out of nowhere to save Dany. Hey, at least he died in the arms of the woman he loved. Jamie Lannister would be so jealous.

So who fooled us by still being alive? 53% thought Brienne of Tarth was a goner after she became a knight. Her pay is going to have to be doubled now, according to Bronn.

Ghost had 42% of people thinking he would die, but we see him alive in the previews… unless he was already stuffed… which would be awkward timing.
Jon snow was the character to not get a vote.

Out of 19 entries FlameS came in at a humbling 15th with 16/28. Yours truly came in tied for 4th getting 20/28. HOW ARE GREYWORM AND PODRICK STILL ALIVE??

2nd place was a tie at 21/28 so they will split the $5 mill and the $10 mill … giving them $7.5 mill each.

Our winner grabbed 22/28. They decided to remain anonymous but were able to answer a few questions (because I would not give them the cash until they did! No, they were cool.)

On his strategy he said “For starters, beforehand I did not expect the biggest and most important characters to be killed such as Jon, Dany, Arya, cercei or Sansa. Despite GoT being infamous for doing so (the red wedding for instance). At least not yet..

Episode 3 of season 8 did leave me absolutely gobsmacked by Arya killing the Night King. I think it's safe to say not many could see that one coming.

Concerning the deaths of Theon and Jorah, I felt like their circle was completed. Theon performing one final act of loyalty towards the Starks, in particular towards Bran by standing by Bran's side in Godwood until his last breath, while Jorah got killed while defending his one true love Dany. His goal in life was to keep her safe and he did that till the end.”

When asked who he thinks will sit on the iron throne he told us:

“This one is my favourite theory. Bran will take the Iron Throne and here is why. His character is surrounded in so much mystery, he possesses all the knowledge in the world. He is not a warrior as his opponents are and his demeanor is calm which makes him really powerful but vulnerable at the same time, seeing him coming from far with being pushed out of the window by Jamie nearly killed him but ironically lead to his powers.

I really hope to see him on the Iron Throne because he is one of my favorite characters.

- My second theory is that everyone dies and nobody takes the Throne. I would be very disappointed if this happens and the only reason I think this might happen is that all the other possible outcomes seem too mainstream to me (Dany or Jon takes the Throne, jawn) and secretly I hope the creators of GoT will stick to their trademark of shocking viewers by making an outcome no one will see coming and people will keep talking about.

Whatever the outcome will be, I very much enjoy GoT and I can't wait for the next episode. I am very curious about how this story will end and I am sure they will do a great job making sure we won't ever forget it. Valar Morghulis.”

Valar Dohaeris to you, winner.

Thank you for everybody who participated. We hope to do more contest in the future. All winners have been notified. Feel free to message me for your score.