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The Down-Low with Aldo Edition 2 Aldo

DISCLAIMER: This article is completely my own opinion and may not represent the opinion of the Bootleggers Buzz. I understand completely that not everyone will agree with me. If you do disagree with me or want to get something off your chest, please reach out and you can join me on The Speak Easy podcast, I will always listen to and happily discuss opposing views.

Hello and welcome to the second edition of The Down-Low with Aldo. This is a bi-weekly article in which I will discuss the events of the last two weeks whilst sharing my own opinion on the matters at hand. This week we’re going to cover a bunch of things ranging from the new balancing updates to some shootings including Mutiny and the 23rd Gunslingers!

We will start with some of the biggest changes we have seen in the game in a while. Over the last two weeks we have seen changes to cars, rackets, organized crimes, player profiles and we’ve seen the addition of a brand new leaderboard for the busters which include prizes! Pretty cool, right? So far I’ve seen mostly conflicting views regarding this, some people are under the impression that some of the changes may hurt the game whilst others believe that the game is moving in the right direction. But we’re not here for those views, we’re here for mine. First of all, I will say that I will not be covering what the changes are. If you want to know more about the specifics of the changes you can find topics in the game forum from KyleKroff, I’d just be repeating what has already been said. So first things first, rackets! How much have they affected the economy of the game? Especially in the early game. I understand completely that the damage has already been done and inflation is currently colossal however, these bad boys definitely needed the nerf. I also understand completely it was absolutely gorgeous getting that tasty 100k every four hours but it was honestly too much. At least the balance of this feature has been rectified, albeit too late but it was necessary to change it a.s.a.p. so that the numbers could be monitored I guess.

Auto burglaries and cars have also seen a mini rework. The only real change coming to Auto Burglaries would be an increase in XP gained per action and cars have been given more value. I like the XP changes considering that the nerf to rackets also decreased how much XP you gained from them (which were a lot.) I think we’re all pretty much aware that the end goal for Bootleggers now is to have faster rounds, so I think that more XP can’t be a bad thing, especially if we see a decrease in bullets it takes to whack someone in the future. We need that fast ranking, fast-paced gameplay. However, I’m not overly sold on the changes to cars. $225,000 for a deusy is astronomical and that’s just the base price. At the time of writing this, I cannot pick up a deusy for less than $500,000 in Michigan. I wouldn’t even make my money back, not even with the new increased OC payout. It’s given users a platform to control the store and make a shit ton of cash. I don’t feel like this is noob friendly and I feel like it’s going to be detrimental moving forward. I also think that this will become evidently clear and that the prices will be significantly reduced at some point. I’m happy about the racket payout decreasing and giving us a little boost on our OC payouts but I cannot justify removing rackets and bumping the prices of cars up so drastically you lose money if you drive in an OC.

One of the updates that intrigued me the most was the Busting Leaderboards. I absolutely love this and if anything I think it serves as an indication of what’s to come in the future. I love that the rewards aren’t limited to those who are only at the top and that it is based over a week. It means people have to work hard and they will be rewarded for it, you can be an up and comer in the busting world and still be involved with the big boys. If this is the ethical road that Bootleggers is going down then I am very excited about the future of our lovely game. I know it’s only busting but we’ve heard all of the rumors that Kyle intends to implement leaderboards throughout the game and look towards a more direct route of crowning a winner of a round. I am honestly really excited to hear more about what he has in store for the game regarding this.

One thing I would like to address though is the people who are complaining about all of the changes in this round. I mean, c’mon guys? This is the most active we have seen KyleKroff in, well, it’s the most active I’ve ever seen him. And for once, we don’t have deadlines and promises that aren’t being fulfilled. He’s working at his own pace and doing his own thing so that he can get the balancing of the game correct for once and take the game into the future a more complete and stable product. What people seem to forget is that we are currently in the third installment of round 9, this is round 9.75. It’s completely obvious that this round is being used as a beta test round to make sure we get absolutely everything perfect for round 10 (or X if you’re edgy.) I know some of the changes are big but the fundamentals and backbone of the game still remain the same. The question you have to ask yourself is this, would you rather have KyleKroff who is overpromising, under delivering and ultimately disappointing. Or would you rather be pleasantly surprised that work is being done and we are seeing the update tag light up the luminous yellow from time to time, albeit not as fast as we’d like but it’s still getting done? Which would you honestly prefer?

Now on to the juicy bit, let’s take a look at the main action that happened throughout the last two weeks. I mean, it wasn’t as good as the two weeks prior, but we still managed to see some shootings. First of all, we seen an interesting one, Death Valley went full attack mode on to 23rd gunslingers. However, Death Valley ended up being the crew on the back foot and the 23rd replied amicably wiping out the DV shooters that had stepped up to whack them. The main question I’ve been asking myself regarding this is, why? I honestly see no reason for DV to go after 23rd. There was obviously a little bit of a spat on someone’s graveyard or something but wasting resources, manpower and creating new enemies absolutely baffled me. There was also a fantastic topic created in the game forum regarding the whole back and forth shooting which was entertaining to read. I enjoyed the shit-talk but there was one thing that caught my eye. The user StormShadow wrote a big paragraph basically proclaiming Death Valley as being one of the strongest crews this game has ever seen. I mean, c’mon dude? What. Death Valley is notorious for botching shootings and has been for a long time. They even botched this one! You can’t go around making claims like that after failing a shooting. I mean don’t get me wrong, Death Valley has a very decorated history spanning back to round 7 but to put them in that very very exclusive category is a little bit deluded. I don’t think there is a crew around today who can be compared to the all-time greats, possibly The Family and that’s it.

Speaking of the Family, it looks like they struck again this week. In edition 1 we spoke about them shooting The Nights Watch and profiling up as “Dynasty.” This time they went after another crew that has a back story with The Company in Mutiny. Do you see a recurring theme here? With nobody sure exactly what’s going on with Most Wanted, The Family seems to be going for the next best thing and launching full-on assaults at anyone and anything related to their best pals, The Company. With The Family doing this it takes heat from Axteze, Dutch Inc and Event Horizon as surely the Sunday Alliances targets will switch to that of The Family.

This round is super interesting so far, just because of how competitive it is. Things are happening that we haven’t seen in a long time and I believe the last couple of weeks have been a huge indication that we might finally be stepping away from alliance warfare. If what I’ve heard is correct it looks as though the beef between Axteze and The Vanguard is over. They’ve had their fun and shot at each other and from what I’m told the difference is settled between these two monster crews. However, the same cannot be said for Dutch Inc, and Axteze has agreed to step out of the way and let the long-standing feud between Dutch Inc and The Vanguard come to a close in a one on one scenario, which is what we all want, right?

Another thing that interested me this week was actually born on my podcast. Now I’d heard for a while now that The Sacred Empire and The Family were in bed together and safe listing each other’s accounts and what not. Not so much an alliance, acquaintances so to speak. I didn’t really pay much attention to it and took it with a pinch of salt and honestly, I am still dubious about it. I’ve known Abu and some of the TSE guys for a long time and I’d be honestly very surprised if they had made a deal with The Family considering there has been a long-standing feud between the two crews spanning back to round 7, but Ben said on my podcast he had been making lists for The Sacred Empire and that he had an account shoot a crew that belonged to The Family whilst he was in The Sacred Empire. And then The Family was fine with that? When have you ever known The Family to be fine with being shot? That doesn’t really happen. With nothing really escalating from such a scenario and for the whole thing to land back on TSE’s doorstep, it makes you ask if there is more to this than meets the eye. Maybe I am reading into it too much, but make of it what you will.

So as much as this was a quiet couple of weeks compared to the previous two, I think the behind the scenes politics have been incredibly interesting and I’m excited to see how this will play out.