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Behind the Name: Mirbiggs iCoastie

Whether you’re an ultra-bad-ass and respected Don of 1920’s mobsters or a serious business man totally doing an OC in the middle of an important confrence. Either way, we all have our online Bootleggers personas and we all also have our real lives. Here at the Buzz, we like to get to know some of the player base on a little more personal level. This week we were able to link up with Mirbiggs. So, strap in, grab a drink, and get ready to get to know Nick a little more in our weekly issue of, “Behind the Name”.

I first stumbled upon Mirbiggs while leading an OC and scanning the users online page for someone. When I happened across his profile, it caught my eye with all the references back to real life mobsters back in the heyday of which this game is set. Filled with nostalgia on all the research I had done into them because of this game and after watching the show Boardwalk Empire, I decided to reach out to get to know Mirbiggs just a little more. Glad I did, and now each of you will have the opportunity to get to know him a little better aswell in this week’s edition

Nick! Not the saint version either. I tried sitting on his lap and he wasn’t having any of it! Jokes aside, Nick is a father of 3! 11 year old, 9 year old, and a 18-month old, all of which have an attitude that they get from their mother (he asked that we not let her know he said that, so shh…). Nick has only been playing for a couple weeks and has himself some lofty goals. Said that he had played a very long time ago nearer to when the game first came out. Didn’t like it too much and moved on to another game that was very similar that I cannot mention here. He wants to lead a successful and respected crew one day!

For now, Mirbiggs is just learning. Sitting back, trying to figure out the mechanics of this game while making some contacts and building wealth. While his goals are high, he seems to be very patient. He knows it’ll take time and a lot of resources and is willing to put in the work necessary in order to attain his goals. There is quite a bit more to his life than bootleggers though. Nice is quite the musician in his own right, favoring the guitar. Most recently playing the bass in a band but admits that his true love is the acoustic 6-string he has much more in stating, “It’s a lot more fun to play”.
Residing in the good ole mid-western part of these here United States, Nick is used to gambling at racetracks and roulette wheels much more often than most. Considering what he does in real life with gambling, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him accumulate quite a bit here in the not so distant future if he ends up buying a little gold to start with. Be on the lookout highrollers!

Nick and I had a very long conversation that spanned over several days. I will forever remember it very specifically because I will forever have a new nickname for Tequilla thanks to Mirbiggs, “Hispanic Demon Water”. Also, our conversations about his real-life gambling, his kids, hobbies, preferences, and the like. It would be impossible to incapsulate all of it in a readable article. My suggestion? Reach out to this guy, he’s someone you’re going to want to know. Also… from the sounds of it… his son lost quite a bit on Blackjack and was pretty upset when dad said he couldn’t send him money. Family Account rules are in place for a reason though, welcome to bootleggers kiddo! Shout out to Mike Tyson by Nick, he wanted to share his favorite quote. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.
I’m very happy I got an opportunity to get to know Mirbiggs a little better and I hope you all have as well. That’ll conclude this week’s edition of “Behind the Name”, if you are interested in being featured for next week, hit up iCoastie at your earliest convenience. COOOOASSSSTTTTTTIIIEEEEEE OUUUUTTTTT!!!!