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Birthday Cakes Nazgul


Who has thought the new birthday feature was pretty boring and only gave you a birthday cake next to your name? Well not no more!

Here in the buzz we have decided to make this feature a bit more fun, not everyone in the community gets their own chance to be included in the buzz but we have decided it is time for change!

We are going to try encourage the community to use this update more and maybe see more cupcakes on the users online page. If you end up having a cupcake next to your name we would hope you come forward and tell one of the buzz team that it is your birthday and we shall have a special birthday interview with you where we shall try and make it that little bit more fun and exciting. We understand you may be busy on your actual birthday but just let us know and then we can schedule it.

This weeks Birthdays!

On May 5th we had one user known as Crypto who celebrated their birthday. Their real name is Frank and he turned 26 years old. He has been playing bootleggers for five years and was introduced to Bootleggers through one of his friends who was playing at the time. We had to get a late reply to what he done as he was very busy going on a trip to Venice for a weekend birthday celebration. The best birthday present he has received was on his 25th birthday were he got 1k aurora cannabis stocks. Of course we had to find out his worst birthday present which Frank told us was flowers. If he had any present in the world given to him he would have 100,000 bootleggers gold and then have a red Ferrari Spider.

Our second birthday was on May 9th known as Mist, real name Issa. They turned 29 and have played for 8 years. Mist also found out about bootleggers through a friend who played at the time. All they done for their birthday was get absolutely drunk and party like mad with their friends. The best present they received was an iPhone and have never had the unfortunate bad present. Lucky for some as most of the time you get the horrible pair of socks which you end up having to wear each year. All Mist would ever want if they could have any present in the world is for their family to be happy all the time. Awww.

Now that concludes our birthdays for this week and hopefully we can see some more cupcakes on the users online page so we can start to use this new feature and enjoy wishing each other Happy Birthdays!