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Crew starting to get impatient after fourth straight day on stats without being wiped. Riot

It was only a couple of days ago when perennial powerhouse crew, Total Carnage, took their revenge on rival crew Fancy Lads by launching a well orchestrated shooting spree that involved over $525 million in private investigators, 3.5 million bullets, 17,000 gold spent and over $900 in train tickets.

Once the blood bath was finished, Total Carnage celebrated by grabbing back their gang spot and making their own “Welcome Back” topic in the Game Forum. It was at that point they began the waiting game.

“96 straight hours.” said Total Carnage crew boss, Mr.Big. “96 straight hours and not even as much as a threat. Not only is it rude, but it is downright unprofessional.”

According to Mr.Big, the crew has already planned their next assault on Fancy Lads and all they are waiting for now is to be wiped off of the stats page.

"Look, we have spent HOURS sending cars to our shooters. Do you know how long it takes doing it one car at a time? Those guys are ready to go, we are ready to die and absolutely nothing seems to be happening. It like they want us to stay in this gang spot or something. What would we do then? Who would we shoot? The crew less? That didn't age well from last round and it's frowned upon now.