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Monday Morning Outage SamSepiol

This Monday we witnessed a short outage where you may have been faced with a similar error to below:

This site can’t be reached The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

To find out what caused it, and what's involved in bringing the service back up we caught up with KyleKroff.

Hi Kyle, regarding the outage Bootleggers experienced on Monday, what was the cause?
Our SSL certificate was misconfigured, leading to the connection being unable to be authenticated.

How did you find out about the outage?
Riot had contacted me through Slack, a messaging app we use. This has been a communication improvement for the staff team to be able to contact each other quickly.

What steps are involved to bringing the service back up
First is to identify what the problem is. This is done by reviewing the running tasks on the server as well as the accompanying logs. Once the problem is identified, the needed steps are taken to resolve it and return the game online. After verifying that everything is functioning properly again, the fault is reviewed and solutions are implemented to prevent the problem from happening again.

How many outages have you witnessed this round
There's been 2 or 3 this round.

What measures are in place to prevent this in future?
We're currently looking into an experienced server administrator to better configure the game's servers. This will bring not only better stability but better performance as well.

Finally, If the Staff are not online at the time of an outage, how can the players report it?
Our Facebook page at is the main tool used during site outages. Any reports are greatly appreciated!

So there are plans in the pipeline to improve the stability of Bootleggers with the recruitment of a server administrator, and it takes a bit of investigating when a service is affected, so when we complain there is an outage, it may seem like nothing is being done but in the background investigations are underway. 2-3 outages in the period of 5 months isn't too bad. Obviously 0 would be better, let's hope a server Admin is hired soon. We all need our constant fix of logging in without disruption.

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