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NEW: You can always see a Horizon, even from the depths of a Valley baron

What is it with people disrupting my Monday’s back at work. As if Monday’s aren’t bad enough, do I really need to be thrown the first shooting of the week on the same day? It was about 4 PM and I had already started to wind down on the days work, hoping to sneak out early. I suddenly get a tip-off that Death Valley’s [DV] spot was about to be attacked. DV had only been officially back for a short period of time, after they showed themselves as being underground going by a Gang called State Line Mob [SLM] who shot up Coastie and his crew 23rd Gunslinger Company [23GC] last week. I had assumed there would be some attacks and retaliation but didn’t know when it would go down. At the moment DV’s presence wasn’t much. They had a few spots in New York they hanged around in so I jumped in a cab to get me a close as I could. As we started driving the gunfire got louder until near deafening. The driver dropped me off as close as he felt comfortable doing, so I had to walk the rest of the way. The streets were in a panic. Civilians running and barging past me, like a salmon I was going upstream against the flow of people. I slowly approached a corner that I could hear a lot of shoots coming from. As I went to peer round I was pulled back and thrown against a dumpster hard. My head hit the metal bin and sent my eyes spinning. Blearily I looked up at the figure standing before me but couldn’t make him out. “What the fuck are you doing here? Walking into a shooting with your dick in your hands?! You wanna get shot over another man's war!” That reminded of what Coastie said to me on the phone last Monday, getting involved in our people’s wars. I need to get out of this habit.

As my vision came back I suddenly recognised who was standing in front of me. It was a member of 23GC as I had assumed, but Aeneas one of Event Horizons [EH] council members. “EH? What...” I could barely get my words out. My vision was nearly fully back but my head was spinning. “Shit, that was a harder throw than I anticipated... You errr, you ok?”
“Why you doing... erm why are you doing this? To DV?”
“Why? Cause we are at war with them, man. It’s been declared openly many times! That’s why!!”
“So what you just wipe them and that’s that?” I spluttered out, still with my head pounding.
“Oh no, my friend. Better than that. We aren’t wiping them. We’re insiding them. Even better” as he said that there was an explosion from around the corner went sent him to the ground. He then crawled to me and sat with his back against the dumpster next to me.
“Insiding them? You have someone inside their ranks?!”
“Yep. Jailbird got in there. Was actually quite easy he said. They didn't do much questioning. He just bided his time for us to be ready."
"So this isn't a wipe at all then?"
"Nope. All this noise and it's only two shooters! HAHAHA!" He exclaimed, "think we will use about 275,000 bullets, kill who we need to then when Jailbird has control, he'll kick all the members still left to the curb, hard. And we didn't have to use any gold." As he finished his sentence the shooting seemed to stop. There was silence. He jumped up and look round the corner at something nodded and turned to me. "We are done here, moving on to the next arse for some more target practice HAHA! You might wanna get that head seen to mate, you still look out of it.

I went back to the office and before I even got to my desk Aldo had a look at me and sent me straight to the hospital to check for a concussion, 'They are going to be dealing with shooting victims and I'll be there was concussion...' I thought to myself. 'Hang on. They will be dealing with shooting victims! Then lets go!' I rushed to the hospital and managed to sweet talk a nurse to let me into the ward that the police were keeping any DV members that were badly injured but not killed in the shooting. She said there were a few of them but I only had time to talk to one. A corridor of closed doors stood in front of me. I had to just hope that I walked into one with a member that was A. Conscious enough to talk to me. B. If conscious, willing the talk. And C. If willing, actually had any information that was worth it. I picked a door and walked in. Jackpot. Sitting upright in bed, handcuffed to a pipe coming out the wall was a DV founder and boss Scan. He was sitting there staring into nothingness, but I could see the rage in his eyes. His eyes then turned to me and he let out a chuckle. “You got here quick did ya? Go on then, you’ve not got long. Ask away!”
“You just have expected this right? You didn’t think you would get away with what happened last week?”
“Of course we expected it! We thought it would 23GC but I guess EH got there first. Must just be quickly at handling business. And plus we have been at war with them for years, so we knew it would come.”
“And they didn’t just wipe you did they. They somehow got someone in your ranks and now run your spot. That’s a huge security breach, isn’t it? How did that happen?”
“No, it wasn’t a security breach. We knew what we were doing. There was only a few of us in the spot who were actually DV. The rest we just let in to make the shooters waste more resources and kill innocents. We knew we might let in the wrong sort of people, but what does that matter if you’re going down anyway.”
“So will you fight back for your spot, surely that’s the plan?”
“That depends. If there are changes with the crew structure then maybe we will come back, but if it stays as it is then DV will stay as an UG crew.”

He suddenly winced in pain.
“Shit, can you get the nurse for me”
“Sure” I replied as I walked out into the corridor looking for the nurse from earlier. Luckily she was coming out of another room 3 doors down. I approached her and asked her to give him a look over. When we went back into his room we were met with an empty bed. The only thing left was the handcuffs hanging on the pipe. She frantically ran around the room shouting in disbelief, whereas I just stood there in thought. A small smirk crept across my face. Everything DV has done in their history, what they have been involved in and wars they’ve started they always go back to the shadows and reappear when they want to. I didn’t know when I would see Scan again, but I knew I would.