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Roulette, Of The Russian Kind SamSepiol

FlameS started a Russian Roulette where we saw 6 victims take their seats around the table. The lights were dimmed and in walked FlameS. He placed Ol Faithful on the table and explained the rules.
As the victims sat around the table, FlameS picked up Ol Faithful and pointed it at BugsB's head, *CLICK*, a sigh of relief came across BugsB. JustDoneMasturbating was next to steer down the barrel of Ol Faithful. *CLICK*. Moose being next, the moment was tense, FlameS squeezed the trigger, *CLICK*. FlameS turned to Moustache, gripped Ol Faithful, pointed it at Moustache's head, *BOOM*. Moustache fell to the floor as the top of their head blew off. Blood everywhere.
FlameS sat there with the biggest of grins, reloaded Ol Faithful, and left the room whilst betting restarted.

FlameS entered the room, everyone fell silent. One by one he pointed the gun at Holleeder, Viking, BugsB, and JustDoneMasturbating. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. All 4 survived. Moose didn't fancy his chances and as the gun was placed against his head, Boom! Moose's brains splattered against the wall.

Again FlameS announced betting was open, reloaded Ol Faithful and left the room.
10 minutes seemed like hours. Suddenly the door saying open, FlameS entered the room, still wiping the blood splatters off Ol Faithful he approached Holleeder. BOOM! Holleeder fell to the floor as the top of their head blew off.
Quick and easy.
FlameS decided to stay in the room whilst betting was reopened, just to see the look of fear in the eyes of Viking, BugsB and JustDoneMasturbating.
Viking, BugsB and JustDoneMasturbating survived the first 3 bullets however Viking wasn't so lucky next time around.

FlameS announced another round of betting and returned to the game. JustDoneMasturbating and BugsB dodged the first 2 bullets, however JustDoneMasturbating wasn't so lucky 2nd time around. FlameS would return when he had JustDoneMurdering (I'll leave after that bad word play).

BugsB was announced the winner