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White Flag BuzzWriter

As many of you may know the war that had been going on between The Vanguard and Arab Inc has been a very exciting one to watch. The back and forth shootings between both sides have been very impressive and kept the community well entertained while also keeping each other on their toes.

With Arab Inc being underground and The Vanguard being on the statistics page, it has been very exciting when Arab Inc decided to act and watching The Vanguard shoot back. We have witnessed The Vanguard also shooting back from very low ranks so it is very fair to say that both sides have used plenty of resources against one another. With the war going on now for many weeks we did expect it to last a lot longer than what it did. However, we were informed by The Vanguard that they were approached by Arab Inc on making peace between both sides. With the war getting to the point where it was starting to become petty they decided to agree to the agreement of peace.

The Vanguard said to the buzz that they accepted the offer due to the fact that they did not want to seem as though they was bullying players within the community. We at the buzz managed to also catch up with Arab Inc and had been informed that they decided to make peace between both sides due to the fact that they have already shot plenty and felt that they have had their fair share of revenge.

So with both sides now at peace once more, we can see The Vanguard still in their gang spot on the statistics page, I am sure that I can say that we look forward to witnessing the rebirth of Arab Inc's return.

Article written by Nazgul.