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The Off Topic Forum – An Empty BL Pub? JJJameson

It is Saturday evening; 6:30 PM your local time and you are thinking what to eat. ‘‘Shite, I ain’t gonna cook tonight’’. You decide to call Domino’s and you order this huge fat disgusting pizza with some additional hot choco cakes. No idea how, but you managed to eat it all and now you need some good liquid to finish your meal. You grab a beer and you go sit on your couch and you think about what you are going to do on this Saturday night.

Bored times, so you grab another cold beer, which tastes so much better than your first one, and decide what to do. You turn on your television, start Netflix/HBO and you slowly discover that you have already seen all the episodes of Game of Thrones and all the proper movies at least three times. You message your friends whether they want to go to the pub tonight, but you find out that you got lame friends who are either already sleeping or they don’t want to go. Pfffh, pity. Bootleggers, perhaps? You know that there are still three hours left on your OC timer and you really are not motivated to commit a crime each two minutes. Nevertheless, you decide to log in.

‘‘I knew it, still three bloody hours on my OC timer’’. After you collected the money from your Rackets you have a look on the Game Forum. You skip the sticky topics and the three bust party topics which you clearly missed and cannot win anymore since you suck at busting. What else is there to see on the Game Forum tonight you wonder? You continue to scroll down and you notice the Mission Guide, a guide how drop a gang spot by Abonzo, a voting topic for a reset and countless of bust party topics which were ended weeks ago. You slowly start to smile and you feel that it is time to get entertained by your only trusted internet pub…

It was the place where you saw your first pair of tits (other than your mums), it was the place where your religion got offended on a daily basis, the place where you destroyed your F5 button by winning that First to Post topic, the place where the Dutch, Sky and Arab bar had more daily replies than your successful amount of busts, the place where you discovered that KPOP music is awesome and the place where a Help Desk Operator had to remove countless of pictures in the ‘Damn she is hot’ topic on a daily basis. It was the place where you could really enjoy reading random stuff all night long. The Off Topic Forum.

Whether you classify yourself as a ‘Forum Whore’ or not, everyone has his/her personal memories of the Off Topic Forum. Just a few personal things that comes into my mind are the ‘First to Post’ topics hosted by Annihilation, a former Moderator, the KPOP topic where countless of KPOP videos were posted and the Dutch Bar (do not blame me for being Dutch) where tens or hundreds of daily posts were made. In other words, the Off Topic Forum used to be very active in prior Rounds and it was the place to be when you were bored. So what happened with the Off Topic Forum in the couple of last rounds? Currently it feels like an empty pub.

Is it the decreasing amount of players compared to a few years back that is the cause of a much less active Off Topic Forum? Are we all grown up and are we not in the need of the lame entertainment anymore? We have to spend our evening with the wife and kids instead of the Off Topic Forum? Perhaps forums in general are less active due to the use of more social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp on Bootleggers. Whatever is the cause of the silence, it is a pity. So, what does to change in order to make the Forums active again?

I believe it all starts with us. Let’s forget sites such as Tinychat and Discord and post everything what you want (keep those Terms of Service in mind, kids) back in the Off Topic Forum. Bring back the activity in the Dutch, Sky, Arab, Scandinavian, Brexit, I do not care where, bar and post those juicy women in the ‘Damn she is hot topic’. Bring back those First to Post topics and start giving away some money to stimulate some activity folks! Let’s bring this activity back to the level it once was! Leave your wife/man, sell your kids and start posting people!