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What's worse than dirty money? A dirty Bullet Factory... SamSepiol

We caught up with TonyCS, member of Sector Zero to find out had sparked the mass amount of bullets that took Event Horizon off the stats. TonyCS explained that he brought the New York Bullet Factory from The Vanguard, and didn't think it was dirty. Betty then approached him, they had some good talks and agreed on figuring something out once they (Event Horizon) were back on stats. However, TonyCS said they received some screenshots from in their Bootmail, having Betty stating "BF NY = EH." This triggered them and they decided to shoot Event Horizon. TonyCS went on to say he told Event Horizon that for 5,000 gold, they could have the Bullet Factory, knowing they won't pay for it. A few days later Sector Zero opened fire and shot them and a few accounts outside the Event Horizon gang spot.
We asked TonyCS if they were planning on giving it to them back or if their plan was to shoot them anyway, and he said once they saw the screenshot of what Betty said, he knew he was going to wipe them. They did talk about handing the Bullet Factory back, knowing they will either get 5,000 gold for it and shoot them or not give it back and shoot them anyway. They were just in time though, as Event Horizon were "stacking like crazy in order to shoot us" according to TonyCS.
When asked how many shooters they had to use against Event Horizon, TonyCS said they used around 10, but couldn't tell us the number of bullets which were used. Sector Zero was just hyped to get the bullet factory and never considered it was dirty.

We caught up with Bonzo from The Vanguard for a brief chat about where he got the New York Bullet Factory from and why he sold it. Bonzo kept it brief, just telling us The Vanguard shot Axteze, Event Horizon, Dutch Inc and Arab Inc, and then put the bullet factories they had acquired in the shooting for sale in the classifieds. The Nights Watch and Sector zero purchased them for 5,000 gold each.

After several days of searching for an Event Horizon player to give us an interview, we caught up with Aeneas. He told us Event Horizon was shot by The Vanguard for being allied with Axteze - over domination tendencies claimed by The Vanguard. Sector Zero bought the factory from The Vanguard. They immediately contacted Sector Zero saying the Bullet Factory is theirs so they bought a dirty property. Event Horizon then agreed Sector Zero could hold it to make back their gold they spent buying it. Afterward, when Event Horizon would be back on stats, the factory would be returned. Aeneas said they saw it as a fair deal, but apparently, Sector Zero saw it different and asked the original price they paid for it from Event Horizon.
When asked about the screenshot Sector Zero received he told us it might have been miscommunication or Sector Zero got greedy. Both were an insult to Event Horizon anyway. Betty did contact Sector Zero to tell them the Bullet Factory belongs to Event Horizon. As Aeneas says, "bit direct but it's true." During the interview, there was no indication Event Horizon was going to shoot for it, but we were told Tynos was trying to work out a deal. So did Sector Zero know the Bullet Factory was dirty when they brought it? Aeneas believes they did know. He went on to add "The time they were holding it was more than enough to earn the gold they paid for it back and more. They were willing to work with us, in our eyes it meant returning it when they had their gold back, but they asked the original price." Looks like we will have to wait and see if Event Horizon still lay claim to the bullet factory as Aeneas wouldn't tell us when we asked. We wanted to know if Event Horizon had a problem with The Vanguard for selling the Bullet Factory. "I personally have a problem with the reason why they shot us, to be honest. Bit easy if you ask me. Not long afterward we shot multiple high ranked The Vanguard accounts so that's settled. If The Vanguard feels bad, and I'm addressing my good friend Xander here, maybe they can buy it back for us with that gold they got from Sector Zero?"

So we could see retaliation for the actions of Sector Zero and The Vanguard, only time will tell.