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The Vanguard vs Dutch Inc, who’s winning? Aldo

One of the longest standing rivalries in Bootleggers history has to be The Vanguard and Dutch Inc. These two absolute powerhouses of recent bootlegging years have been going toe to toe for some time now and do not look like they will be stopping any time in the near future. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the rivalry, including interviews from both crews and try to come to a conclusion of who is winning the war.

It’s been so long now that I can hardly remember what it was that started the whole rivalry. But what I can remember is that there has been a point where both crews have been on top of the other one and have gone out of their way to make it near impossible for their counterpart to play the game. Round 8 comes to mind when Dutch Inc was at their most dominant, and round 9 similarly for The Vanguard. There was a time though when these two great crews had tried to broker a peace deal.

It was nearing the end of round 9 after Axteze, Dutch Inc and Event Horizon had obliterated everything in their path, turning the game completely on its head when it looked like all was lost for them. The Vanguard had shown a lot of success early in the round after eventually being toppled by a number of crews and the alliance of Axteze, Dutch Inc and Event Horizon played a part in it. They played in a part of the demise of many crews that round and had left themselves with a near impossible task going in to round 9.5 as anyone and everyone was out to get them. The Vanguard was offered solace by Axteze in an attempt to bolster their alliance and friendships for the upcoming round, however Dutch Inc still refused to trust the people they had been actively fighting for such a long time and decided to take matters into their own hands by getting rid of The Vanguard which stopped any chance of the two crews ever working together. I think it was at this point that the rivalry really started to heat up.

Ever since all we have seen from the two crews is forum bickering, heated debates and of course, a hell of a lot of bullets fired at each other.

I took some time to contact both Bonzo (The Vanguard) and Dion (Dutch Inc) for an interview. Both players are influential members of each crews hierarchy. I asked each player the same questions so I will post their answers together.

Question: The rivalry between TV and DI has been going on longer than I can remember. What are your thoughts on the war?

Bonzo: It's a strange one right now if I'm honest, the layout and politics of the current round and our decision to not shoot crewless has lead to some exciting game play and quite frankly a battle of attrition for us, whom have taken hits not only from di but axe eh and ai also although the latter three have been resolved and tied up with formal truces. There was a time where war meant domination and killing the spirits of your enemy but it wasn't fun long term. your enemy quit and your game became boring. I would love to see di hit stats so we could have a proper back and forth but I'm smart enough to realise that wouldn't be a good strategy for them due to the difference in the current member size between the two crews.

Dion: Start of this round abonzo asked for a fresh start. His member where worried about Di being on stats. I agreed on this fresh start and kept my word. tv made up an excuse to shoot us with a reason that Merlot shot scarsio a few times. This shows tv cant keep their word and thats why we keep shooting them

Question: Do you think that the war between both crews will ever be over? Or do you think it’s gone too far now?

Bonzo: i mean i would never say never but I don't think its likely. i think with an apology from Dalton to myself for making it personal in the forums could help things be less bitter between us, alot of my guys went through that stadge of my life with me so they also took it extremly personal. With the changes coming to crews I can't ever see us in the same 'alliance' so I do not forsee a end to it but I can see it being less personal and more about the fun of the game. less bitter rivals more competitive opponents so to speak.

Dion: We have a competition who can kill the most vanguards so no peace this round. But im happy to start a new round fresh. I think it has gone to far. Im always open for a talk but I think there is to much going on atm.

Question: So far who do you think is winning the war? (not right now but overall who has had the upper hand)

Bonzo: depends on what is the definition of winning. I will first summarise this round then overall. For this round I guess if it's judged on time spend on stats, if it was measured by time spend with profiled up accounts. if it was amount of members, or thawting shootings, id say tv is miles ahead on all thoose counts, if you veiw it as accounts shot from unprofiled ug accounts then dutch inc are in the lead. As for wealth which I personally believe is a big judgement and baring on winning a war, we have more resources this round than we did at any point of last round, truthfully I would be surprised if di matched us or even came close here. there advantage of being hidden and ug could also be seen as a upper hand.

Overall I think it's fair to say tv have had the advantage with the amount of stats time we have had over the past 7 odd years of conflict, compared to that of Dutch inc, who I personally only believe they ever got into there power postion through there friendships. I am not doubting there ability or belittling there achievements but I feel over the years whenever we have hit them hard they heads have dropped and they have stopped playing fairly soon after. like they lost the fight in them everytime, I'm pleased to see that fighting spirit return with them this round.

i guess the short answere would be from past experience of di as a crew, I do not believe if they were in our position they would have shown as much fighting spirit and managed to maintain a spot postion and crew morale as well as we have done. that said their shootings are always nice and they clearly found a purpose / reason to play this round, which in turn is good for the game

Dion: Looking back at previous rounds its Dutch Inc offcourse. Destroying vanguard having all state don and nation don is a nice thing to look back at, but also shooting them boss+ every round is a thing I like to remember. This round i would say tv was more on the winning side untill they made the mistake of shooting us. No more scarsio casino's.

Question: Any final words for your counterpart?

Bonzo: i hope you guys are having as much fun as us and i hope to see you guys on stats sometime, also would be great if you could open recruitment so we can get some eyes on your chat

Dion: No, I have nothing to say to tv

Both figures took a different approach when it came to the interview itself. Personally, I think it’s too hard to call a winner right now. It completely depends on what you define as “winning” as what that means is open to interpretation to so many things on this game. I guess that’s the beauty of Bootleggers. However, I will say that it looks like The Vanguard is in a better position currently. But we’ve all seen what can happen on this game, things can turn at the flick of a switch. Is there a chance for peace between these two crews? Both seem open to the idea but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty I don’t think these crews will ever be able to trust each other.

Long may it continue!