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Hundreds of roulette victims boosted after FlameS banned. Riot

Hundreds of players who have had their accounts killed when they risked it all in FlameS sick in twisted game of Russian Roulette. The game, which creator Sky has described as “a fun way to kill less fortunate accounts”, has been a favorite pastime of moderator trainee FlameS from the moment he received the green jacket, having run just over fifty Russian roulettes in only five months as a moderator trainee. It seemed as though nothing could quench his insatiable thirst for blood, until he was banned.
In the wee hours of May 23rd KyleKroff was strolling through the forums looking for the
“Dayum she's HAWT!” thread when he stumbled upon a different thread. This thread, “Damn you TrustWorthyGuy” was several different players discussing another player named TrustWorthyGuy who had pressured them into joining Russian Roulettes against their will. Has KyleKroff dug deeper he made a startling discovery …. TrustWorthyGuy was a duplicate account of FlameS!
He had to ban FlameS. As if that was not awkward enough, the other Moderator Trainee Riot was out for the week as he was invited to be a guest speaker at the annual Handsome Convention, so FlameS would have to process his own appeal. KyleKroff could have just processed the appeal on his own but he was in need of some inspiration on new game features and was off to buy some marijuana from the guy who sold street hot dogs a few blocks away.
After a few hours of blood, sweat, tears and Game of Thrones reruns, FlameS had lost his appeal and all Russian Roulette victims were boosted back what they had lost. Habitual roulette joiner, JDM said the he was happy as a clam to have all of that rank back but was unsure of how he would fill the void that was created when TrustWorthyGuy went away.
In the end, FlameS was allowed to keep his spot on the staff because KyleKroff felt it was important to keep adult supervision around Riot at all times.