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CREWS: Behind the Crew - The Royal Family baron

I took a week off writing last week to have a clear out and sort some things IRL but also to get back in touch with the game from a players point of view. As a player when you are waiting for your timers to cooldown you flick through the tabs at the side. seeing if anything has changed in the last 26 seconds, nothing normally does. You normally, after a time end up on the stats page. Looking at crews you know, crews you don't and crews you question the legitimacy of. They come and go, Getting shot and dropping. But for the last however many days there has been one name under Staff. The same name. A name I didn't know. So I reached out to them as a collective to see if anyone would talk to me. And who do I get back in return? Their boss HarHar. I caught up with him to find out some more about the crew's history, and how it got to where it is now.

Hey HarHar. I see I've come at a good time, you're breaking fast? Also, it's been really hard to track you down?!

Yes I am. It's 8PM here so smoking time! And yes. Many want to target me. I used the name Dolphin earlier in the round and as soon as I put my pictures on the profile I was shot 9 times. So I'm UG again.

I hope eating and drinking time too! And fair enough, probably as annoying as what {b]Scarcio has been going through. Anyway whilst you are sitting comfortably let us begin. The crew, who was it first started by?

The Royal Family [TRF] was started by 4 people, from 3 different crews. Wizka was from Dutch INC [DI]. Hawaii was from Event Horizon [EH]. And myself and Dexter (Jordanian Dex) were from Axteze [AX]. Now that is the first time people have heard that Dex plays BL because he told everyone he quit years ago, but he has still been playing just with different names in TRF.

Wow. Ok. Dropping a truth bomb on the first answer, great start! So when did the 4 of you decide on branching away from your respective crews and creating your own? And also the name, does it have any significance?

As a 4 we decided to make our own crew in round 9. With our individual histories, we knew we could be a neutral crew. The name was just random really. Just to say that we are Royal, nothing special.

I would definitely say coming from different crews has its advantages for sure. It must be something you are proud of. What else has TRF been done that you can say you are proud of as a leader?

It does make us proud that we are 4 friends teamed up together from different crews, and we now feel that we are better than those crews we have come from, after our hard work. Something we have done? Well in Round 9.5 we teamed up with The Vanguard [TV] and shot from underground [UG] and took back stats, I think that is something we're proud of.

And you must be proud of yourself too, to get to where you are now within the game. Heading up a family that has been on the stats page for over 150 days. Wanna talk about how you, yourself, got to where you are?

Well last round Hawaii left for something in real life, he got married. I was never meant to be a 'political' leader, I was only responsible for wars issues and he was the political side with the connections. When he left I was forced to lead up both sides of the crew's activity. Before he left though Hawaii taught me everything I know about how to handle politics within the game. He personally had the biggest impact on me as a player, he did a lot for me. Since the change over then I have made good connections with everyone and all crew bosses I am friends with, even my enemies. They trust me because I keep my word. I keep my word to my enemies more than my friends if I'm honest. Personally, I'm proud of a comment from a certain player, Aldo. He used to be boss of AX in the past and boss of a sub crew called "The Vikings". He gave me credit for who I was and where I had come from, just a normal member of the crew, to what I am now. That meant a lot coming from him.

Nice man. That comment from a fellow player obviously meant a lot. Talking about friends made, and enemies too, what are your crew's views on 'safelisting' and the crewless shooting that are going on?

Personally I, and the crew, are against the crewless shooting. BUT this new system in place at the moment has 0 benefits to actually having a crew on the stats page. No layering. No backfire. This makes you open for all UG shooters to take you down with no defence. If anything you have better benefits being UG. Therefore the only way to defend yourself is to shoot crewless.

Well keeping on the subject of crews, what do you think about Kyle's plans for the updated 'family system'?

The planned update is good I think. We have allies already, as do other crews. So now that will make those allies public and useful. But it will make it more challenging too. Make you work harder to win. We will all be teaming up with our allies to get to the top.

That's great man. I don't know when the update will come, but I'm looking forward to it too. So lastly, as you sit there now, someone who has played the game for many years. Started from nothing, as you have said, and now runs an infamous crew. What tip would you give your younger self when first logging in to BL, not knowing what lays before you?

Don't. Trust. Anyone. A great example of this is when we first started off in Round 9. Hawaiis old crew EH messaged saying they needed our help hiding a few players in our crew spot. We let them in. Before we knew it they had hardkicked us all, killed us and taken our wealth. That's what then lead to us joining with TV and taking them down, it's also what started the war.

There you are. An insight into the viewpoint and history of a player that came up through the ranks and with 3 close friends started a crew by themselves, for themselves. I hope and wish TRF a successful future in BL. And Hawaii if you're ready this, congratulations!