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The Great Money Drop Pendulum

On Thursday the 17th we noticed a great amount of money dropped from the game. The state of New Jersey is known to be a hot spot for people trying to get cheap cognac to import to other states but where there is booze, there are casinos. There was a slot machine owned by Calamares and this is his story.

Calamares was a member of Ndrangheta who had hold of the New Jersey slot machine, it was loaded with $25 million to begin with and had an unlimited maximum bet. This caused a lot of interest and soon followed by a lot of high roller gamblers. Since it was in the evening the manager Calamares decided it was time to call it a night and then take a stroll back to his casino in the morning to check on the profits. Once he was asleep the gamblers started betting huge amounts and the casino ended up almost breaking the vault as it was jumping between dangerously rich and notoriously rich. One person had enough and got a bit agitated that there was so much money in just one casino and decided to act, this person was known as Misery.

We managed to catch one of the high roller gamblers before the terrible incidents occurred. LuffyD (a member of Event Horizon) informed us that he was gambling for a long time to try win some nice easy money from the slot machine. When LuffyD started to gamble the slot machine was already notoriously rich so he took it upon himself to do some nice big bets of $500,000 to $5,000,000 bets. We were informed by LuffyD, “at one point I took him down to I.Rich but I ended up loosing it all back”, with the anger LuffyD was tempted to pull the trigger in rage but soon calmed down and put his gun back in its holster and walked away.

Around five minutes later, after LuffyD had left we spoke to the security on the doors that evening. They informed us that someone known as Misery was asking questions on where the manager was. After finding out where the manager was Misery decided to go round and kill Calamares. Since the events were so sudden there was no successor to the mass wealth accumulated within the slot machines so a grand total of $811,269,341 was taken back to the government and held so no one else could have it. The slot machines were then left abandoned for anyone to claim, assuming they had the funds to reopen the doors. We spoke to Misery on their new account as they was shot very quickly after what happened. Misery informed us that he was playing alone and did not affiliate with anyone or any other group. The main question that we had for the individual was, why did you shoot? the immediate response was this;
“with the current state of Bootleggers it’s kill or be killed. Crewless high ranked accounts will inevitably be targeted as holders or shooters, so I might as well seize the opportunity should it arise. There was no personal motivation for killing him, for him it was just unlucky.”

So with these strong and very harsh words, they really do start to speak the truth about this round and the current gameplay. Should something change where owning a piece of property is more of an advantage than a burden?